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I recently finished an entire month+ of back and forth emails between myself and's Customer (dis)Service. I had purchased a pair of shoes and was really excited to receive them. let me tell you that that excitement was short lived. After sadly discovering that the shoe simply did not fit me, i shipped the shoes back to Shoebuy and waited patiently for my refund. After calling twice wondering why nothing has happened (1.5 weeks after shipping them) I receive the shoes back with a note that they refuse to accept the shoes because of dust on the bottom, clearly showing that they have been worn before. They are correct. They were worn by me. fro a grand total of 120 SECONDS!! I tried on the shoes, walked around in them for a bit to gauge the fit then repackaged them after realizing that they do not in fact fit me. I have tried every avenue to receive a refund from Shoebuy to no avail, they are adamant to stick by their untruthful, scamming ways.
Be warned, if you, like so many others, happen to order shoes and try them on before deciding whether to keep them or not, please note that Shoebuy WILL NOT accept them back! They are a Final-Sale and your money is gone for good!
You might as well take your money to a place which does not look to scam you and actually does care for Customer Service. A few other websites come to mind that friends have told me will stand by their return Policies;,, and I am sure many others.
Please, do not make the same mistake I made and save yourself some money and stress, go with a reputable vendor (NOT THESE PEOPLE!).
I am in the Customer Relations business myself and am utterly appalled that these people claim to be in the same field of work as myself. These people are the ### of the earth, not to be trusted with a penny!

Enclosed are pictures of the "damaged' shoes, please, enjoy a good laugh at their expense!

Jan 29, 2015
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  • Di
      24th of Feb, 2010 - Unauthorized credit
    United States

    Purchased a pair of shoes from, reviewed bank statement and a debit from by bank account from TLG GreatFN8 appeared, when I contacted they advised it was from 20% purchase from Contacted shoebuy and they advised a pop up would have come up on their website, advised them that there was no such pop up and that would have not been authorized anyway, per shoebuy, unfortunately there is nothing they can do.

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  • Gg
      11th of Mar, 2010

    They got me too - I'm on the phonw w/ them now for the 2nd time. Charged again and no credit.

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  • Fi
      8th of Jun, 2011 - They still have my money
    United States

    I purchased two pair of shoes but only received one. Have written to them many times asking for an answer to this problem but to no avail, they ignored me. They need to pick up their act. DO NOT BUY FROM SHOEBUY.COM They still have my money. Note MY money NOT theirs!!!

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  • Al
      2nd of Sep, 2011 - Dishonest
    United States

    They sold me two pair of shoes and refused to take them back because it was more than 30 days later.

    No mention of the 30 day limit in the order confirmation. What kind of company makes it's money by sticking it to honest shoppers? Dishonest companies.

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