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I ordered a pair of shoes from Shoebuy and theyoofered a savins coupon that I used. Shoebuy enrolled me in a company called Great Fun that wanted to charge my credit card a monthly fee of $11.99. I called Shoebuy and complained and they would check into the matter. For everyone that reads this message, DON'T BUY FROM SHOEBUY. They use unethical business practices and thay make unauthorized purchases with your credit card. They are a SCAM company.

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  • Ti
      12th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes and is terrible for tricking customers into signing up for a monthly membership program. I got the same scam happen to me. I never knew they would collect your credit card information and do such a thing! A company called GREAT FUN was charged on my card monthly for 17 months ! when i called them, they told me it was shoe buy that signed me up for this. Ok, assuming they didn't know, and there was some misunderstanding... they charged someone for some kind of service, they say it's a coupon book. In the 17 months, I have not received one single coupon book ever! When I told them that, they said, oh, something must be wrong with the address. Excuse me? they were able to send me the shoes I ordered and I couldn't receive this fraudulent offer you sent me?
    There was no misunderstanding, I would never sign up for any kind of monthly service charging my credit card. And there was no legitimate service associated with it.
    I am angry that would opt in for such a scam. After some investigation, it works like this.
    They would offer you $25 off on a pair of shoes of $100 or more. and after you place the order and use the coupon code, it would tell you that, ah-ha, now I got you, because of the coupon, you just agreed to sign up for our special program. And if you don't opt out, you will be charged forever!. Got you!

  • Zi
      29th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Sent wrong size item and will not send return label.

  • Mr
      20th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes - Customer Service is Horrible
    United States

    I purchased a Fedora hat through this company and their Amazon storefront. The hat's a pretty nice hat, and fairly expensive as far [censored] go, in my opinion, but I'd purchased it as a gift for my husband since he'd been wanting one for awhile.

    The hat, though, was too small. However, since I'd actually been thinking ahead (for once), I'd purchased the hat with plenty of time to wrap it for his birthday and by the time his birthday came, he opened it and tried it on, etc., we had exceeded the company's 60 day return policy by about 30 days.

    Figuring since I didn't really want to return it, I just wanted to exchange it for the next size up, I contacted them through Amazon. They finally responded after about a week, telling me sorry, they can't help me since their policy dictates that there is a 60 day return policy, but they strive to make their customers happy and they hope I am and will shop with them again.

    What the...? Ok, they must have misunderstood that telling me no to an exchange certainly will not make me happy. So I reply and tell them that since it was obviously my bad that I was outside of the return policy, I'd gladly pay for return shipping both ways (me returning it to them; them shipping the next size hat to me). Seems fair and reasonable, doesn't it?

    Two weeks go by with no response. I send another email; another week goes by. I finally sent a third email threatening to report them to the BBB...that one got a very prompt response, but they were still not willing to work with me.

    Bottom line is that this company has very poor customer service if they're not willing to work with a customer who doesn't even want her money back. They claim they can't help me because they have to maintain their integrity and I'm no longer in the 60 day return window stated in their policy.

    It's my opinion, though, that they'd do much better to bend the rules and make one customer happy, than to "maintain their integrity" by being rigid. After all, people who have poor experiences are much more inclined to leave bad reviews (this one case in point) than people who have no problems whatsoever. Going out of one's way to make a customer happy can only benefit the company.

  • Se
      1st of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes - Very poor customer service
    United States

    I think it's safe to say that have the worst attitude to customer service that I have ever experienced.

    I do most of my non-grocery shopping on line so I think I'm able to judge how well a company responds to customer service issues. I also run the web site for a multi-million pound business and appreciate how important it is is to reply in a timely fashion and respond pro-actively to customer service issues., on the other hand, do not have a clue. Despite numerous emails they have not provided a satisfactory response to my repeated requests to find an order that was despatched weeks ago.

    I would not recommend purchasing from or their UK outlet, They have a dismal attitude to customer service and deserve a poor reputation online as a result. It is only by fairly and accurately reporting issues on review sites such as this one that people are able to make an informed decision about who to purchase from online. I wish I had dug a little deeper before putting my hand in my pocket.

  • Te
      3rd of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes - did not refund my money
    31 Draper St
    United States

    I wanted to return a pair of shoes. I had ordered several pairs in one order. I had previously returned a pair from this order. I called the company to get authorization for the return. I was told a return label would be emailed to me. It never was received. I called twice in the next 7 days. Again, I was told to expect a pre-paid label. HA! I never received the label. I went to the website specifically to read the return policy and to research what my recourse was. It was then that I read only ONE (1) free return label would be provided per order. Never did the customer service staff tell me this. I was given inaccurate information twice. I called to speak with a supervisor. Re-told my story and explained how frustrated I have become. He had nothing to offer me. Just said OOPS! I must pay for the return shipping cost myself! BUYER BEWARE!

  • Sh
      21st of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    I bought a pair of Avia Men's shoes from When they arrived I wore them for one day and discovered that a flaw in their construction caused a major irritation to my right foot. Using their shipping label I returned the shoes. They came back to me today (almost three weeks after I sent them to Shoebuy) with a form note saying they were not acceptable for credit because "They had been worn". Hmmm. How am I supposed to see if their shoes are the right fit, well made, and free of manufacturing flaws if I can't wear the darn things. I've complained to the BBB and will be complaining to the Attorney General in the State of Massachusetts. These guys may not be thieves, but they seem to behave as if they were.

  • Ta
      21st of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    It's a "Shoe of the Month Club" Read the terms.

  • Ma
      30th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    Slow shipping, and exchanges bad service, cant understand reps! rip on exchanges got charged $6.95 when I reordered was told there would be none would never buy from them I would not even give hem 1 star I wish I saw this site I would of never bought from them

  • Jo
      7th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    Horrible return policy. I bought boots for a Christmas present and needed to return them. I returned in their original Sorel box and they sent them back to me and said the box was damaged and I should have sent it back in another box. Their policy says return in original box and I did. They said sorry and would not let me return them. I won't shop with them again.

  • Am
      3rd of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes - I purchased two pair of shoes but only received one
    United States

    I purchased two pair of shoes but only received one. Have written to them many times asking for an answer to this problem but to no avail, they ignored me. They need to pick up their act. DO NOT BUY FROM SHOEBUY.COM They still have my money. Note MY money NOT theirs!!!

    This was only my second purchase and the first one was good.

  • Su
      31st of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    I purchased a watch from shoebuy which I received on the 14th of December, they sent me the wrong watch, i have emailed them just about every other day asking what I need to do to get the watch i ordered, if that watch wasnt in stock i would have chosen another one, i do not like the watch they sent me, it is now the 31st of December and i still havent had a reply email from them. Not happy

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