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I had the same problem as others on my first order - I'd only worn the shoes around my carpetted home to see if they fit, but when I returned them they tried that 50% bs on me. I complained via email several times, and threatened Better Business Bureau. I got my full refund eventually.

My current problem is the Nike's I bought from them. I'm 36 and have worn Nikes all my life. I've Never gotten a back-of-heel blister from Nikes, not even barefoot. These gave me blisters, through socks, everytime I've worn them (about 4 times now). What's really weird about these shoes, and makes me think they are knock-offs is the mis-matched insoles. I've never ever seen Nike sell shoes with a right insole that is red with a double L in black imprinted on it, and the left one is black with a red nike logo. Definitely some weird [censored]. I'll be calling Nike this afternoon to get their feedback on the shoe. If I find that these are knockoffs I'll be asking Shoebacca for a Full Refund, and if they refuse... straight to the BBB it is. Oh, and I'm sure Nike will want to know who's selling knock-offs so they'll be up shoebacca's a$$ too.


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