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My husband received a call from Mr Andre Engelbrecht’s (based in Centurion) PA for him to explain and introduce to us investment on the JSE. We set and appointment for Thursday 19 August 2010 and he visited our home (in Middelburg) at 19:00.
After introducing the concept to us, we as laymen listened intently and questioned various items of the investment approach. He told us in detail of how the investment process works, where after the costs involved was explained…only a tank’s worth of petrol per month for a host of services that will keep us busy for 5 – 15 minutes a day. That seemed in order, but we still had some doubts. We enquired about the cooling-off period. “No problem”, he said, “there is a cooling-off period of 7 days”. We opted to take it, which opened up a whole other avenue of underhand marketing tactics thought out by the now apparent master-of-schemers in the business. Eventually we succumbed to the deal because it was set out as follows:
• 7 day cooling-off period remains available;
• 2 month / 15% profit on the simulator or money back guarantee on the software; and
• 6 month / 40% profit on the simulator or money back guarantee of the software.
It seemed a good deal and the stipulations were indicated on the contract, however, very quickly, and without much time to read the contract. We agreed to purchase the software on the budget facility (our very first time using it), and Andre explained that after the 36-month pay-off period we only have to pay R203 per month for their professional services from thereon (not subject to escalation). He arranged that his technician Thinus de Jager install the software on Saturday, 21 August 2010 and provide the introduction to the software. This all happened as arranged, however, we haven’t paid much additional attention to the contract since it was explained so thoroughly…or so it seemed.
By the end of Thinus’ session we were overwhelmed…this is definitely much more complex than we anticipated, and will need a great deal of attention. We took some time to calm down and re-read the contract thoroughly over the remainder of the weekend. We realised that we fell hook, line and sinker to the companies’ underhand methods, and contacted them immediately on Monday 23 August 2010 to cancel the deal, to no avail as Andre Engelbrecht referred us to Marika Drodskie, and she in turn could not commit to helping us.
We met with Jan Pieterse from C&K Moneyline on Tuesday, 24 August 2010 in Centurion and explained that we feel that we are still within the cooling-off period, and that we intended to cancel the subscription and return the software, as well as cancel the debit order of R203 per month, which is apparently now due from the start of the contract and is escalated annually. He was not helpful either, since he couldn’t commit to helping us either, and promised to set up a teleconference with Andre and ourselves to resolve the matter. This was to no avail since he did not respond to date (01 September 2010).
We have learnt some very important lessons in this, amongst others:
• Read your contract VERY thoroughly and identify ALL matters that might come back to haunt you.
• ALWAYS fall back in the safety net of a cooling-off period and rethink your decision – you can always let the consultant drive twice rather that sign right away…it’s much more cost effective.
• Do your research before and after the consultant’s visit.

In addition, I feel that this is a seriously horrible lesson to learn in life, but let me also be partaking in sharing this valuable lesson to my fellow citizens. I intend to:
• Post this story on Carte Blanche’s website for investigation (have done so already);
• Post the story on;
• Send this letter to the local newspapers in Emalahleni and Middelburg;
• Send this letter to RSG’s consumer programmes such as Sakpas, Verbruikersake and Geldsake;
• Send this letter to the Department of Trade and Industry; and
• Send this letter to SANCU, the consumer union.
If this wasn’t a good example to others, let it then be a terrible warning!!!

I really hope this gets published and some good comes out of it.

Elmarie Jooste

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  • Iu
      Jan 05, 2011

    Same story as we experienced, however, we complied with all the cancellation conditions and they have not refunded a cent, in addition they have executed the debit order R203 for January, despite our instructions on 1 December 2010...
    Many many attempts to contact the people have failed and the people at Mustang Marketing keep dodging answers. Marike Droskie has assured us that all is in order for our refund and that it was authorised on 14 December, but to date, 5 january 2011, there is not a refund. She says that Mustang marketing is responsible for refunds. Melissa at Mustang is NEVER in the office, and does not return any calls. The MD Mr Lucius van der Merwe does not return calls nor does he answer his office phone or cell phone.STAY AWAY.
    We have not breached the contract- the crooks at sharetrackin with all their cronies are in breach of this contract now and we will get some legal action.

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  • Di
      Apr 20, 2011

    Sadly the call Centre in Centurion, Mustang marketing, managed by a Ricky or Rickie, abuse the staff so badly it is very sad. They abuse, mistreat and do everything to control the staff. Sometimes the staff walk aout, and if they don't, the manager finds excuses to get rid of them within their "training period" of a month. In other words, the staff are never paid. It is free labour. Simply disgusting!!

    Mustang marketing should be investigated by the department of labour and perhaps even a criminal case brought against them.

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  • Po
      Oct 02, 2018

    @disgustedbyscams Thank you for your comment almost fell for the trap luckily i decided to do a background check on the company

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  • Im
      Jun 16, 2011

    Don't know why your complaining if you want to invest your money on the stock market then do it using the program but at the end of the day you just worried about the payment plan but if you followed the buy and sell signals you could have hundreds of thousands of rands in your account but once again you're to lazy to spend just 1 hour of your crappy life to make a success for you and your family so stop the ### remember you got to spend money to make money deal with it!!! [censored]es

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  • He
      Jul 16, 2011

    Hi IMTHEMAN, you must be talking about your own miserable life!! I can vouch for the complaints - they are so real. Online programs are available at only a R114 pm data streaming cost - why buy the software if you can get it for free????

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  • Im
      Jul 17, 2011

    WASS UP!!! U IDIOT yes you can get it at R114 but you have to do all your own work you wont get notified that its the right time to buy or sell your shares and I bet you don't even have share trackin. All the work gets done for you that's why it's so expensive, so that you can enjoy life without doing the manual labour so who in their right mind wants to make a ton load of money and still work your ### of to make it.Be realistic dude I got my FERRARI what you got probably a prius HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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  • An
      Oct 17, 2011

    My daughter worked for this company from the 5th October untill the13th October. The owner's daughter was very rude and disrecpectfull and fired my daughter. They wanted her to sign a letter that she is resigning but she did not want to sign the letter and told the lady that she does not want to resign but they forced her out of the company without paying het any money for the week that she worked there. I am investigating this and will take it to manpower and to the newspapers.

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  • Po
      Oct 02, 2018

    @Analize Jansen v Vuuren Had an interview 2mrw thnx God i came across your comment coming from a previous abusive employer working for this company wud hve destroyed me

    Thank you very much

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  • Th
      Mar 08, 2012

    My boss got the exact same deal. I did some research and found a few strange things, something that is even visible on this site. Somehow I believe that this "Imtheman" guy/gal is one of the corporate d!cks at Mustang Marketing or C&K Moneyline. I don't know why these guys try to put out flames that unsatisfied customers starts. It is just a dumb, stupid and d!ck move. Of all the "reviews" I read on the internet 99% was negative and was complaints. Face it C&K and Mustang... you are in over your head. You got 2 options here: 1 - You start conducting quality business principles or 2 - stop your business. It may not be today, or tommorrow but I can assure you, the time will come when all of these "negativity" will come back - sevenfold (just as the Bible says) - When that day of judgment comes, I'm happy that I'm not an employee, manager or CEO of C&K or Mustang. Ciao

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  • We
      Apr 22, 2012

    Ons trap in dieselfde ou gaatjie behalwe die gaatjie word 'n flippen sinkgat. Nie 350.00 maar sommer R19, 950.oo word op die kredietkaart gelaai. Ek moet 'n idioot wees om rente op die bedrag te betaal en dit nogal teen kredietkaart rente gehef deur die bank. Die mense is oneerlik . Daar word 'n kredietkaart nommer aangebied indien daar nie fondse in die eerste rekening is om die R350.00 te betaal nie.!!!
    Dit is tyd dat die mense aangevat word en die jan publiek moet hulle vergewis van die gladdebek mooi gesig seuntjies. Carte Blanche moet weer ingelig word en Facebook toe met die mense...
    6/03/2012 geen sagteware of opleiding en dit is nou 'n maand en twee weke!!! Boonop is die dame op die foon baie self versekerd en blantant aanvallend nadat ek so woedend raak en skreeu!!!

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  • Bi
      Apr 30, 2012

    Ek het dieselfde ondervinding gehad Sharetrackin is die mees oneerlike spul skelms in die hele wereld en ek hoop hulle gaan almal hel toe

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  • De
      May 01, 2012

    Why does this company not abide with the laws of the country the operate in? The law states they should give the party the contact to be removed from their calling list, bu they do not. If you are registered on the DMA's DNC list and you still get these junk calls and have the phone put down in your ear when you wish to have this done ...

    Shame on you!

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  • Fe
      Aug 12, 2012

    Ek stem saam en het ook R17950 verloor en kon nog nie n manier kry om dit terug te kry nie. Ek sal bly wees as die hele MUSTANG toegesluit word ons het te veel skelms in die land.

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  • Da
      Aug 17, 2012

    Finansiele gelettertheid is die probleem mense! Ons almal word op dieselfde manier geleer en glo dit is die enigste manier. Moet nie ander jou n gat in die kop praat met getalle nie, moet nooit kyk na getalle nie! Dit maak jou emosioneel voel en keuses maak wat nie wys is nie. Daai emosie is presies wat hulle wil ontlok by mens want in die markte staan dit bekend as greed. En greed en fear is die twee dryf kragte agter die wereld se finansiele markte en dit laat manne soos mustang geld maak met elke persoon wat hulle intrtek. Dit is altyd wys om in beheer van jou eie finansies te wees. Vir beginners, gaan google bietjie Treoc, Coert Coetzee en vind eers alles uit voor jy my oor dit wil kruisig. Daar is moontlihede da buite, sien dit net raak!

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  • Pi
      Apr 11, 2013

    I returned my "Sharetrackin package" including a SAPS sworn affidavit stating the goods of the said company were returned unopened.I have sent the goods back, counter to door it took some time to get an forwarding address This means I am not in possession of the said goods yet do they have the nerve to send my 6 sms's per day reminding me i owe them R8450.00. THEY rather owe me R11700.00. All this started prior 20 August 2013 when a sales person by the name of'' Evert Oosthuisen'' conned me into believing this is the way to go. My story are very similar to the rest that were conned out of their hard earned money.

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  • Be
      Apr 26, 2013

    I am a journalist working on a story about Mustang marketing and would like to hear from consumers. Please send me a message to bernadette.[protected] if you want to be part of the expose.

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  • Ha
      May 19, 2013

    Dis krimineel vir sogenaamde Afrikaners om hul eie mense hul teikengroep te maak wat Afrikaans hoofsaaklik praat en agv regstellende aksie hul werk verloor het, dan kom vat julle hulle pakket en spaar geld terwyl hulle self sukkel om hul verpligtinge na te kom, hulle het net 'n tweede inkomste gesoek wat julle weens hul onkunde uitgebuit het, julle voel niks, dis 'n skande. Almal is op dieselfde manier gevang. DOEN IETS, STOP HULLE, WAARSKU MENSE !!! Ek ken hulle. Doen alles wat julle kan om julle hard verdiende geld terug te kry. Hulle het soos aasvoêls op julle toegesak om julle geld te kry, hulle het nie eers die integriteit om julle te antwoord nie. KOM ONS MAAK JAG OP HULLE !!! Wagter.

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  • Bu
      May 28, 2013

    I have now also been duped by the ShareTrackin people - misrepresentation by a salesperson. It seems they create new "marketing" firms every now and again, and kill off old ones as the "heat" gets too much. I also purchased the software after some very nice promises by the sales person. Trying to get my money back didn't work out. I sent my story to 702 - they aired it tonight. Mr Lucius van der Merwe offered to "assist" me. He was VERY quick to contact me after the story was told on 702. Apparently he referred my case to Christo Oosthuizen, who is the MultiMillionaire Big Boss of ShareTrackin. I will now see how much they are really intent on "helping". Feel free to share your story with 702 by sending it to [protected] The people at 702 also drew my attention to an investigation that was done by moneyweb. See it at this link:

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  • An
      Jun 11, 2013

    My seun is ook gevang met die idee om 'n werk te kry in die tye wat werk so moelik is om te bekom. R3000.00 basies is belowe met ongelooflike kommisie, maar hy kon dit net uithou vir 'n week, 10 ure op die telefoon per dag sonder 'n ete breek en toe hy uitgaan om 'n broodjie in die basement te eet, is hy verskree omdat hy so lank vat (3 happe, skaars 5min). Gedurende die dag word koffie en BIO PLUS SAKKIES aangedra om hulle wakker te hou en tussenin moet by die tafel gestaan word om te bel.(Ek is beter in die weermag behandel). Ek het hom verbied om terug te gaan en het Maandag, 10 Junie 2013 gegaan om te hoor wat hulle storie is. Mev. van der Merwe het met 'n stink houding gevra of my seun dros en/of hy inkom om 'n bedankinfsbrief in te gee. My grootste skok was toe ek op die internet moes sien dat my kind nie oordryf nie en dat die SLAAF ARBEID EN MISBRUIK VAN ONS JONGMENSE al so lank aangaan en niemand nog iets daaraan gedoen het nie Ek wil graag hê ouers en veral iemand wat ons kan help moet my kontak dat ons dit kan stop en hierdie kinders kan vergoed vir die ure wat hulle opgeoffer het vir 'n klomp skelms, (MUSTANG MARKETING OF TENACITY INTERNATIONAL) en verdere jongmense stop om vir dieselfde SCAM te val.

    Bel my asb Anton [protected]

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  • De
      Jul 15, 2013

    We are currently busy with a complaint with the Consumer Council, please contact me on [protected]

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  • Tr
      Sep 05, 2013

    Mustang marketing caught my husband in the same way and when he cancelled the next day they took the software box back and gave a letter to confirm the receipt of the software and that the refund documents would be sent to him. Almost a week later mustang marketing sent an email to say that they deny the cancellation as the software box was opened(which it never was)...what a scam!!! They took R20 950.00 on a straight payment and now mustang marketing refuses to refund the money!!

    These people should all be put behind bars and that includes melissa the so called "legal adviser" that has no idea of how to deal with customers!!


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  • Un
      Sep 11, 2013

    it saddens me that my disabled husband worked there and is still waiting for his salary to be paid in. we have phoned numerous times where every time it would be paid in and still nothing. my husband struggles to find work as he is disabled and people take that for granted.

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  • El
      Jan 02, 2014

    My man is ook so gevang deur C.K. Moneyline met baie beloftes voordat hulle die geld van sy kredietkaart gevat het, maar daarna is daar absoluut niks gelewer of gedoen nie! Die gewraakte ongeopende sagteware pakkie is nie teruggeneem nadat my man binne 7 dae gekanselleer het nie want hul het die kansellering "aanvaar", met die belofte dat ons nie moet bekommer oor die ongeopende sagtewarepakket nie, hul sou dit later kom terugneem as hul agente uitkom die kant toe. My man het toe deurgery Centurion toe waar Francois Oosthuizen toe weier om die geseelde sagteware pakkie terug te neem want volgens hom moes dit ook in daardie 7 dae teruggegee wees. Ons het NIKS van C.K. Moneyline ontvang nie! Hul het 'n rekenaar plus modem aan my man belowe (dit is ook neergeskryf in die kontrak), maar toe hul kennis neem dat hy wou kanselleer het hul glad nie hul deel van die kontrak nagekom nie. Ons sit nou met 'n verseelde sagteware pakkie waarmee ons niks kan doen nie en 'n bedrag vam R19 750 is van ons kredietkaart afgetrek!!! Die mense van C.K. Moneyline in Centurion is ongeskik en vermakerig. Volgens mnr. F. Oosthuizen kan ons maak wat ons wil want in die fynskrif in die kontrak is hy gevrywaar en BAIE het al probeer om hul geld terug te kry maar nog niemand het geslaag daarin nie. Se dit nie klaar vir 'n mens watter soort besigheid hul bedryf nie? Mense wees op jul hoede! Moenie hierdie mense die kans gee om jul ook so uit jul geldjies te verneuk nie!!! C.K.MONEYLINE SHARETRACKING EN MUSTANG SHARETRACKING IS BLYKBAAR EEN EN DIESELFDE SKELMS!

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  • Co
      Oct 23, 2014

    Same story here as many others. This is a copy of the complaint I have logged on Hellopeter:
    I am logging this complaint on behalf of my dad, Mr JJ van Heerden, as he is not comfortable with technology, which is partly why this company could mislead him.
    They contacted him telephonically, offering what he understood to be an investment opportunity. When they came to see him, they overwhelmed him with smooth sales talk, including promises of a 40% return on investment, and coerced him to sign an agreement then and there, and to give them a cheque for R20 000.
    They left him with a package which he took to be the details of how the investment scheme works. After they left, he opened the package, and discovered that it was in fact a software package, which is not what he thought he bought.
    My dad is not tech-savvy and would never have bought a piece of software. He is retired, living off his savings, not interested in investing directly on the stock exchange, which is what this product is about. Neither of these facts was brought to his attention during the sales process.
    He stopped payment on the cheque, cancelled the transaction via email, and returned the package. They made him pay a R 2000 penalty for the return, which they are now refusing to refund.
    THIS STINKS! We are in the process of lodging a complaint with the NCC - are all you guys doing that too?

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  • Pi
      Feb 09, 2015

    I was contacted by Sharetrackin and got offered a free 6 month trial, I accepted it and got explained that no matter what ill get refunded after 6 months if I was not happy, They said that the money will only go off my account after 6 months if I am happy and that it would be a monthly interval, after signing the contract the whole amount went off within an hour, they took R20500 off my credit card, Next day I called to cancel and the salesman said that the deal has already gone through and I need to wait 6 months, now after 6 months they will not refund me, this after I paid R20500 for something that they said was free. How can this be, how could they be so devious. What am I to do now.

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  • Co
      Feb 10, 2015

    What worked for us, was to make complaints all over the internet about them. They eventually responded to the complaint I made on They tried to coerce me into negotiating with them, but I threatened to launch a more general media campaign against them (I was planning to approach Carte Blanche, 702, etc). I gave them a deadline to refund my dad or face such a media investigation - they chose to give the refund. The only thing they are scared of, is that the general public will become aware of what they do.

    Another suggestion is that you log a complaint with the National Consumer Commission. I did that, and got feedback from them in December, stating that they have received numerous complaints, and have been investigating these as a whole. They intend to approach the National Consumer Tribunal, and the goal is to have the conduct of the company declared unlawful, and all consumers can then use that ruling to claim damages from the company in court.

    The big problem is that Sharetrackin uses a number of front companies to conduct business. The company that tricked my dad is "Ultimate Prosper Solutions", and they are the subject of the NCC investigation. You will also see on that complaints about sharetrackin are recorded against different companies for this reason. What really needs to happen is that the mastermind behind sharetrackin, Christo Oosthuizen, and his wife Carien (who approved my dad's refund!) should be called to account.

    Good Luck!!

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  • Su
      Mar 05, 2015

    These people have to be stopped, we have to put an end to this sooner than later. As for imtheman, you probably work for these clowns that's where the support comes from. I'm willing to share my story with whoever is interested in it to bring these jerks down.

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  • He
      Jun 16, 2015

    I also used to work for this company. The way they treat the staff is horrible.
    We were never allowed to speak to our colleagues; immediate dismissal if you do. Only one person was allowed to go to the toilet at a time, and they actually time you. If you're not behind your desk in 2 minutes they go look for you in the toilet. Shifts ended at 17:00, they let one person go at a time, and wait for the car to leave before letting the next person go. We were given coffee and Bio-Plus the entire day to stay focused. Every hour they send everyone into a room to dance and clap on a rave song to get us amped up. The owner is a vicious lady who we had to refer to as 'Mevrou Van Der Merwe'.
    I was only able to handle the torture for about a week.

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  • Ca
      Mar 13, 2018

    I am currently in exactly the same situation. Upon signing up I requested to cancel my subscription due to personal issues that happened in my life at the time that I did not expect. My first DO has not gone off yet and contacted the sales persons within a couple of days I paid R 30000 for the application. I too was told that I can wait the 6 months and be refunded. My 6 months is now up and was told I do not qualify for a refund as I do not meet the refund criteria. Sales persons, Evert Oostuyzen, is ignoring my calls.

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  • Ni
      Sep 05, 2018

    @Carmona Vorster is there any legal route that can be taken, there are too many hard working south africans being lied to and losing money of false promises. any help???

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  • Ma
      Feb 05, 2019

    Good day,

    I almost fell in the same trap today. Just had a gut feeling to first do some background checks. And I came across a lot of negative feedback.

    Some things I learnt:
    If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. If the kind of returns they promise was so easily attainable why share that strategy? They could simply make their own astronomical returns.

    Lastly they have no remorse. They want you to sign a contract then and there without giving you anytime to properly think the deal through and do your own research. The fact that they push so hard is a red flag- they simply want your money for something that is unheard of. Simply put, thet make unrealistic promises. Why don't reputable, transparrent investment campanies offer those kind of returns? Because it doesn't exist... Be careful of these guys... they are sharks, no matter your age or financial situation.

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