Seven West Media / Channel 7tennis coverage

Why on earth is the same game on both of your channels (Seven and seventwo) ?! It is utterly ridiculous that you are not utilising both of your channels.In case you did not realise, there is the defending champ currently playing (On rod laver) and instead i'm watching sam groth on two different channels. Why?! I love sammy, but I can only watch him on one channel at once. I should not have to waste my data to watch the world number 1 on centre court. Not sure who's controlling your coverage, but I could do a better job. Not everyone wants to watch australian after australian, some just want to watch good tennis. Why not dedicate a single channel to the aussie's and have the rest (And mostly the best) on another channel. I think it might increase your viewership. Just some friendly advice. Also I am unemployed so if you need someone to fill the programmer's bill I am available and (Probably) very capable.

Thanks and good evening,

Disgruntled tennis fan

Jan 16, 2017

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