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For several years now, we have been watching ch 7 advertise your one and only weather reporter jane. Bob will spend air time to introduce her, bring her up with what she can do, her qualifications, over the years? She's not new on your screen, you only have her most of the past years unless she's on leave. You air late night weather reports by her too? With all our gadgets, we are fully aware of the weather before bed. Time? Ch 7 is saturated with weather reports. Please ask her not to deliver an oratorical piece but simply report with no permanent grin like all the others do.

Not enough campaign for your one and only weather reporter, you even produce summer ads, winter, spring ads hosted by her to inform us what to do for the seasons? Do you have too much weather budget, , , please don't over do it. Thanks.

Jan 08, 2017

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