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I am most disturbed at the News Promo's today (21/7/2017) which state that euthanasia is about to be legalised in Victoria. This is 100% incorrect, misleading, and gives the impression Channel 7 is promoting euthanasia. The legislation is yet to be written, tabled, debated in the lower house, and then has to pass the scrutiny of the upper house.

This gives the impression Channel 7 is promoting and cheering on the legalisation of deliberately killing, sick, vulnerable Victorian citizens.

Many of the petitions and surveys conducted over the past months on this issue, show a majority of Victorians oppose this move. Channel 7 appears to be taking a similar approach to that of the Marxist, left wing ABC.

Please give us balanced reporting on this issue and some in depth interviews with those who promote the palliative care option.

I have not made complaint to ACMA, but will do so if Channel 7 continues biased and unbalanced reporting on this anti-life issue.

Jul 21, 2017
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  • Pa
      Sep 27, 2017

    i was watching channel 7 news trying to hear lisa hilgdo do the weather but she was more interested in playing around and giggling on tv. i never got to hear the weather because of her this is unprofessional and needs to stop. one time she went over to jason doing the traffic and interupted him eating pretzels. people want to hear the news not see her act up. i know nothing will be done, i have been changing the channel in the morning because she acts up. the news is to be imforative not a joke. please let her know this is unprofessional and needs to stop

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