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Select Staffing / Dishonesty

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Don't work for Select Staffing!!! They treat their employees unfairly and continue to buy more and more staffing agencies. They then merge the offices and fire all the extra Colleagues as they refer to their permanent employees. Basically what happens is they tell all their people about this great new purchase and how it's going to benefit you as a colleague. You being a team player work your butt off putting in all kinds of crazy hours (we are salary) helping all the new colleagues from the buy out learn our systems and our procedures. Then once your brain is picked clean they layyou off. Or the flip side is they lay off the colleagues from the aquired compaines, because once again they have too many people working in the office and they aren't making enough money to justify that many people in one office. Either way it's a bad deal for all of the people in the field. It's a numbers game and as with any big corporation they continue to line their pockets while the people in the trenches doing the leg work are under paid over worked and thanked with a pink slip. So they are supposed to be in the business of staffing, but they don't take care of their own they lay them off. You'd think they could put them to work since that's supposed to be their business. That's a laugh!!! That isn't how they make money. They make money by under paying associates and over charging clients. Beware before using staffing companies . . . they are all pretty much the same.

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  • Zz
      29th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Internally, Select Staffing has shredded documents to cover-up scandals, hide the fact that they have consistently invoiced their clients/customers for fictitious (non-existent) employees. Only the few clients who combed through the detailed invoices have caught these fictitious employees. Select then finds a patsy and throws blame and lays off a payroll employee. This has happened several times. For a billion dollar company one might think that they would have placed 'controls' to avoid duplicated this fraudulent act. But no, they must make a great deal of revenue from this practice used on their larger clients.

  • Rh
      1st of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Totally disagree that their is any improper billing going on. Everyone involved wants fair transactions and simple payments.

  • Lu
      21st of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @rhirst IS that why the Steve Sorensen was fired for stealing $2.7 million dollars? I'm sure you're right.

  • Ge
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    if you are pissed about the way select treated you and you wish to work for a big corporation, i have news for you...get used to it because thats how business is done. any company anywhere that acquires another company goes through the exact same process that select goes through: getting rid of people they don't need. the difference is that select does it all the time, once ever couple of months. their methods of slimming down after an acquisition are pretty standard when you look at how others go about doing it. thats just how it works! there is nothing immoral or personal about it, its just business. and the way the economy is, you will probably hear about it for a while. weak companies will always get bought out by bigger ones and the people on the bottom get the crappy end of the deal. that sucks and i am sorry for anyone who has been affected by it. but don't go around saying select or companies like select are bad companies because they fired you. if you want to take your anger out in a good way, pull a michael scott, start a staffing company of your own, build yourself up and buy out select! give them a taste of their own medicine! but don't say its corrupt and dishonest.

  • Ia
      18th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    No, that is not how business is done. Sorry but you are completely wrong. Yes, there are other big companies that do treat people like that and are successful for quite a while. AIG, Bank of America, Wachovia and many others. You just have to understand something. When you treat Employee's like me and other people I worked with, like they are dirt and and are arrogant to boot, it always comes back to bite them where the sun don't shine. AIG became the largest insurance company in the world and they went belly up. They tried to get too big and they were arrogant as they were growing. You know what happened to AIG!!! BAILOUT!

    Getoverselect, I understand more then you know about Capitalism, and basic business. What you don't understand is that recessions always comes back. When you treat your employees and people in small towns that know quite a few people, in a very condescending way, word gets around.

    The economy is bad and no, it isn't immoral to lay people off. The problem with your company is that your folks in upper management treat people like they are nothing or beneath them. What I can say about that is those people that are beneath you are what makes your business. If you didn't have them, your company wouldn't be worth 10 cents. You aught to treat people with some respect.

    I am not mad anymore for several reasons, but the main reason is I don't have to deal with Select Staffing and their Management anymore.

  • Un
      29th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I worked for Select back in 2001 and agree completely. I'm an 11 year staffing vetern in management and couldn't believe how unethical of a company Select was. At the time they aquired about 75% of a rivals Inland Empire staff. Once they had them walk out at lunch and tape their keys to the door they started screaming from the mountain tops about their "staff aquisition" even running ads in the Business Press. They tried to circumvent the new employee's non compete agreements by having their old staff call on them to tell the client of our "staff aquisition" and ask if they'd like to speak with them. They even parked a Select van in front of the rivals business and put it on their website. After Steve Sorensen took over they also began a systematic expulsion of management level colleagues who didn't share their Mormon faith. They have been aquiring rivals for their book of business for years now and have virtually no organic growth. Once they get the business they find someone new and toss you out on your backside...

  • Se
      14th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I totally agree with everything anyone says bad about select. This is the worst temp service to work for. They're so unprofessional. I think i myself with no experience could walk in and do any one of their jobs better than they do. I think they need to fire them all and start over. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the headache and don't work for select.

  • So
      26th of Nov, 2010
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    this company is not professional or at least the office i worked for. They do not communicate with their employees, do not return calls and are dishonest.

  • Se
      22nd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    My experience with Select Staffing... LOL As an on site administrator for a great company (not calling Select/Remedy Great) i feel bad for them. Select knowingly and willingly hires illegal immigrants to work for them. As long as its spelled right, hire them! Pay them $7.50 an hour for the absolute hardest back breaking job i've ever seen. The plainfield indiana office is the worst. They refuse to reprint or tell you how to get your past years W-2. If you get hurt while at work and claim workers comp., you will be fired once returned to work. No vacation, no pay increase, HORRIBLE benefits and they will not fire anyone face to face. They wait until you go home then call.

  • Mi
      14th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I went selet staffing and was turn away twice by the lady at the front desk at 559 Ecarson st .I believe its was based on my race . she let a mexican in after me and said i was to late at 800am and at 215pm . A staffing agency is supoose to assist the community to help that community grow . but they are not dedication because they have jobs and feel like they cant be touch. they treat you like you are the [censor] of the earth because you Ilooking for a job .that was the worst experience i every been though . You will feel like trash when you leave .I hope they get a new employee at the front desk at 559 E carson to help people change their instead of destroying them

  • Sa
      13th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes


    It is no different here in Salisbury, N.C. The local office refuses to place me and a few others whom I met on an assignment. But they called back 2 that I know where fired for falsifying timesheets and the other let go because she was job hunting on the job and nt working. The latter is now back at the same company that let her go, all within a week. Me and another women still have not been placed since our assignment ended a month ago. Everytime we call, go to the office or e-mail the response is the same, we don't have anything. Also the hours worked are not entered correctly for payroll and you are not getting paid for the correct number of hours worked. They need to be reported to the labor department and the BBB. I will seek employment elswhere and the corporate office will be hearing from me.

  • Ba
      16th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Select Staffing was the worst I have ever woorked for. Unprofessional is an understatement. A sneering, rude SS employee was soon the only one left in an office bought from another agency. She ran it into the ground. She took on several new hires in the meantime, then let them go. She refused to provide a way to get paystubs for direct deposit, and could not add hours correctly. Apparently no one in the company cared because the office was soon closed. One mystery was the fact that the sloppy bad-attitude type was transferred, not fired. The timesheet was such a legalese joke that the client said it looked like they were used to being sued!

  • Sa
      1st of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have heard of select staffing here in PA. I just moved here and looking for work. How are they here? what companies do they send workers to?

  • Ml
      10th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I worked for select remedy and currently laid off. I was working at this place called yazaki in edwardsville ill. They are the worst company ever and so is yazaki. They promised and if you look on their website they say how they have paid holidays, yea ok. They lie about how much they pay u till u look at your paycheck stub online since they refuse to send a paper copy. Every week they would change your time on the computer which is illegal. So for now anyone interested in them dont believe anything they say.

  • Ve
      19th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Don't work for Mediscan either ~ incredibly bad!

  • Wi
      22nd of Aug, 2012
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    Select has not offered me my pay stub after three weeks of working for them. The office has not returned any of my calls. When I did talk to them they told me that they didn't have any work at the Denver airport, I knew she was not telling the truth. Because I had already talked to the crew leader who ask me to be on the crew. I called again today and they hung up on me twice.

  • Su
      20th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    well i was working and there was 3 older men and me standing beside Debbi. debbi is the boss. she blurts out that she has perky tits!!!... i don't think that's professional for her to to say that... then i was working my ### off and here comes miss non perky tits come saying that i wasnt working and i was thinking in my head that's some crap bec I've been working my ### off and here i am sweating my ### off yet i ant working!!!... yeah right!!!... i told her how in the world have i not been working when im runing around like a headless chickin she said welll u havnt been working i have been whaching u!! i was like What!!! and the guy that was working at the table behinde me says yes she have too been working! and she says no she hasnt either!!! i have like 5 people that no i was working my ### off grrr she makes me mad o and yeah so theres 2 girls there that work there and yet they don't do there job and yet never get fired! never work there i promis u there nothing but drama and some bull ### on top of it

  • Ur
      31st of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    If I knew Select wanted to [censored] me they should of told me to wear lipstick!!! Never Never Never EVER EVER EVER Apply for SELECT

  • Un
      22nd of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    Select Staffing is such a terrible company to work for. They hire illegal immigrants know that they have no proper documentation. If they paper work do not pass they will tell them that they should go buy another social and come back. They are not professional and are not educated.

  • Un
      22nd of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    Nadia Sobers from Allside Windows in Kinston NC, is the worst hr person I have ever met. No professionalism no people skills. She needs to go back to school and learn a lot more than what she brags about.

  • Ni
      2nd of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    Select staffing is the worst company to apply with. They give a survey about drugs and had the nerve to say I didn't pass the survey because they believed I missed a question, they didn't kno what question I missed or how I so called didn't pass the survey and said I have to wait 6 months before I could come back. But the whole office and the people who were applying wasn't people of color. I filed a corporate complaint for discrimination.

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