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I received many invitations on my email accounts from, and many others for binary trading platforms, robots, options and other trading opportunities. I signed with by and their website redirected me with invitations to pay the initial investment deposit to websites of a several broker companies. One of these optional broker company was Secured options Limited. I filled out the payment form checking from Verisign the secure code for my debit card . On that way on 31 August 2016 I have paid the amount of 300 british pounds initial deposit to the broker company Secured options Limited for to trade on the platform of Pushmoneyapp compamy by the website of, which is a part of Push money company . The paid amount appeared on my bank statement on 01 September 2016 .I have made a few small trading, which I consider as a work from home job but I have not withdraw any amount from my trading account neither from my account in Pushmoneyapp, nor from my trading account in Secured options. I am with Higher education for Finance, speciality Banking Business and I tried to find a suitable work from home job due to personal circumstances .In return for that I have received many phone calls from brokers and managers in Secured options with invitations to invest thousands of pounds for secured deposits with guarantied profit, which I rejected . December 2016 the Internet and the telephone service have disappeared and for this reason in January 2017 I cancelled this service with my Internet provider. In April 2017 I renewed my Internet and telephone service. The first thing was to check my balance in my trading accounts in Secured options and in The domain name of has disappeared, the telephone numbers of the company which are +44 [protected], +44 [protected] and others are disconnected, their email address are inaccessible, because of no existing domain name. In spite of this I sent to them a few email messages, but I did not received any answer neither my email, nor by telephone call. In the beginning of May 2017 I visited my bank with a request to apply for withdraw the amount of my initial deposit in Secured Options Ltd of 300 pounds. I was told that because it passes more than 120 days from the date of the making the payment for the trading deposit the bank is unable to process a request, because they process only request for amounts paid in a shorter time of 120 days . The website of is disabled and from the home page is not access to the other pages, so I do not have access to my trading account in I sent them e few emails with request for withdraw, but I do not received any call back neither by email service, nor by telephone call .
Please help me to withdraw the amount of £ 300 paid for my initial deposit for trade in Secured options Limited. I paid this amount with intention to do small trades as a work from home job . I am with Master's degree for Finance and trading with currencies, commodities, shares is a part of my educational achievement. I traded successful on the trading platform of, but my access to my trading account in both these companies Secured options Ltd and Pushmoneyapp disappeared. I need these money to support Myself as I pay rent, taxes, bills, others and I am not in a good health and I cannot earn much for the moment, so I definitely need to receive back my money paid for a initial trading investment as a part of work from home advertised massively on Internet . There published addresses are
1) Victronix Ltd, Trust company Complex, USA, Ajeltake island, Majuro. Marshall Islands, MH96960,
2 ) 53-55 Totleben Boulevard, 1606, Sofia, Bulgaria,
Address in Great Britain the definitely have, but is not published anywhere. I was unaware that the company Have a connection with Bulgaria. Many other broker company are also registered in Bulgaria and I refused to pay to them any initial deposit, because I want to avoid to trade with bulgarian companies because of personal reasons. Please advise me what I can do more to receive my £ 300 invested in Secured options Ltd .

May 20, 2017
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  • Iv
      May 22, 2017

    i too heard of this scam and they vanished from sight always investigate before you invest

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  • St
      Sep 20, 2019

    Hello Dale,

    I have a colleague at work who invested with Secured options with about 58, 000GBP .
    he has been trying to get in contact with his agent for 3 weeks until recently
    fortune recovery team stepped into his case and has currently recovered 32, 000 GBP ongoing
    and they have assured him of recovering the full money.

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