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Secure Platform Funding / advanced fees scam - – do not trust secure platform funding

Marshall Islands, Majuro, Marshall Islands Review updated:
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Majuro, Marshall Islands
I almost lost $35, 000 trying to finance my business through Secure Platform Funding, through contact with a Mr. Bruce Green – he emailed me telling me that he could get me a multi-million-dollar loan, telling me at first that the details were up for deliberation if I decide to take up the offer. I needed funding for my business and hadn’t yet considered a loan, but Green assured me that he had the profile and credentials needed to expedite the process. He presented proof of transfer of several bank instruments and other alleged proof, although I’m not at all an expert on counterfeit documents I suspect that most of what he sent me must have been manipulated or edited somehow because I now doubt this man is legitimate.

He said he was CEO of Agreements for Secure Platform Funding, and required an escrow deposit of $35, 000 to help broker a loan through HSBC. I have since looked him up and discovered that there are several complaints regarding him and his company for bank guarantees/letters of credit, and since making my deposit I have not yet heard from any representatives at any legitimate bank, HSBC or otherwise, regarding my supposed loan. Mr. Green only contacted me once telling me to be patient but has since cut off any contact and I’m sitting here with a burning hole in my wallet and without the funding I need for my business. This is the information I found on SPF:

Springates East, Government Road, Charlestown, Nevis

The phone number (+44) they use is registered to the UK, yet their address is in the Caribbean. I’m sharing this information to help keep others who may have received contact from SPF stay FAR AWAY from them and their “services”. I should have done rudimentary digging on these criminals BEFORE even CONSIDERING wiring them any money – their website is full of gibberish content and I’m confident that something is going on here.

Secure Platform Funding

Updated by Prinzessin, Aug 23, 2017
Just found an article from a local Boston Paper on the subject.
From the looks of it, there is a long history and an even longer list of victims, here is the link http://bostonnewsglobe.com/2017/08/16/secure-platform-funding-scam-loan-funding-rise/
Aug 23, 2017


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A  22nd of Sep, 2017 by 
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Secure Platform Funding have stalked the internet looking to discredit anyone they scam by accusing them of being shills from “jealous competitors” looking to “ruin their reputation”. Every time people catch on that they’re just separating people from their real hard-earned money, they throw out a bogus press release written like it was the propaganda of a South American military junta. These people know nothing but fraud – they’ve jumped from country to country pretending to be stationed in London, Nevis, and now the Marshall Islands, and each location has been thoroughly debunked (they were even declared fraudulent by Nevis’ government and regulatory bodies before they changed their addresses and got a fixer to hook them up with a box in the M.I.’s.

If you see these details in an email, then I have only one bit of advice for you before the same thing happens to you as did happen to me: STAY AWAY.


+44 20 3808 9841

They contacted me offering me a low-cost entry into an investment scheme wherein I could purchase a banking instrument worth millions for mere tens of thousands, and I have never once gotten my actual name put in the ownership of any banking instruments, nor have I seen a penny back. They’ll take your money and IGNORE YOU.
A  30th of Aug, 2017 by 
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Agreed! - Okay so I was MAJORLY ripped off by a company that claimed to be the world’s best in financial instruments, and I am writing to warn anyone to stay away from them. They told me they could deliver on a bank guarantee in a few weeks time tops, for the initial price of $40, 000, telling me they’d do all the brokering on their own, so I decided to take a look and things seemed mostly legitimate – they have an address in the Marshall Islands, and their company is registered to a company registrar.

That means they don’t have a physical address and don’t actually exist as an office, but okay, many brokers work that way, right?

Wrong. Secure Platform Funding is a scam – I have not heard back from them at all and am WAITING ON MY MONEY – not a single word from them since I paid into their account. After about a week I got suspicious about the lack of activity and contacted their representative Bruce Green, and he was extremely defensive. I questioned them on all of their online allegations towards scams and then they said I should look elsewhere for financial instruments if I don’t like their services – after having already paid! I now believe SPF lack absolutely ANY credibility and the lack of an office is a big red flag – another is that their phone number is based in Switzerland, of all places, and that in the past they claimed to have a (fictitious!) address in first the UK and then Nevis.

In the very least they have the world’s worst customer service and claim a lot they cannot back up (working with the best banks in the world, top financial instruments provider), but I think they are taking people’s money under the pretense of being a legitimate financial institution before disappearing into the ether.
A  25th of Aug, 2017 by 
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Secure Platform Funding / Bruce Green is 100% SCAM... This is the proof

1. Fraud: Beware of Bruce Green, CEO of the SecurePlatformFunding.com Bank Guarantee Scam Company!: /link removed/

2. advanced fees scam - – do not trust secure platform funding: HTTPs://WWW.COMPLAINTSBOARD.com/complaints/secure-platform-funding-advanced-fees-scam-do-not-trust-secure-platform-funding-c906701.html

3. On August 16, 2017 The Popular Boston Newspaper carried BREAKING NEWS against Secure Platform Funding with this caption: Secure Platform Funding or Scam LOAN Funding on the Rise? HTTP://bostonnewsglobe.com/2017/08/16/secure-platform-funding-scam-LOAN-funding-rise/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=socialnetwork

4. Should Financial Authorities in The UK Act as Well Against SecurePlatformFunding.com as They Slander Their Competition Openly and Maliciously? HTTP://dailynewslondon.com/2017/08/16/should-financial-authorities-in-the-uk-act-as-well-against-secureplatformfunding-com-as-they-slander-their-competition-openly-and-maliciously/

5. Bruce Green CEO [censor] Banker from Secure Platform Funding - HTTPs://WWW.scam.com/showthread.php?714528-Bruce-Green-CEO-BULLSHIT-Banker-from-Secure-Platform-Funding-secureplatformfunding-com

6. Scam Phone Number 442038089841, Secure Platform Funding (SPF), Bruce Green: HTTP://WWW.scamcallfighters.com/scam-call-442038089841-Secure-Platform-Funding--SPF---Bruce-Green--Advance-Fee-Scam-59352.html

7. They Charge Huge Money for Broker license, some people paid 35, 000 euros just to get broker license? Other legitimate companies give broker license 100% FREE.

8. They claim after I pay the upfront fee for broker license that they will pay me 1.5% commission for every transaction they get from my country Belgium even though I dont know anything about the transactions. But normally a broker is supposed to get commission based on referrals. This is 100% scam because Secure Flatform Funding (SPF) never paid any broker any such fee and they never even successfully closed any deals. They just steal your money using bogus so called attorney trust accounts as escrow but in reality they own the escrow accounts and once you deposit money into these escrow accounts they would start telling you stories till you get tired. I am a broker from Belgium, my client is waiting to receive his promised SBLC since 7 months now without success and the 250, 000 EUR my client paid cannot be refunded. 100% SCAMMERS.

9. Secure Flatform Funding (SPF) have published list of competitor Banks calling them Banned without any proof or any others by any regulatory authority. Most of the banks are legit on the banned list and working according to Banking rules and in business. Guys don't waste time paying attention to Secure Flatform Funding (SPF), their website is full of self composed fake stories and their aim is to deceive gullible and ignorant people.

10. Secure Platform Funding is 100% fake, tell them to show you proof of any deals they closed successfully and they will start telling bs stories. According to Interpol, Secure Flatform Funding (SPF) has over 14 fraud cases against them and many victims are shy to come out.

11. Secure Flatform Funding (SPF) claims to be a NEVIS registered company but they are using a London phone number, that is clear evidence of fraud. If you are based in Nevis why not use a NEVIS phone number? Why use London landline to deceive people? They are frauds, they are using a fake London phone number that is hosted on SKYPE. We got to know because our lawyers found out through the help of the police. Otherwise since they are using a London landline why cant they give you their address in London if they are not FRAUDSTERS? This is their London phone number: +44 20 3808 9841??? Red Flag number 1.

12. The government of NEVIS has made a press statement saying that Secure Plaform Funding is not registered and is 100% Scam. Please check this warning statement direct from the government of Nevis website: HTTP://WWW.nevisfsrc.com/advisories-2/warnings/371-secure-platform-funding

13. A sign of desperation: SECURE PLATFORM FUNDING: HTTP://sapphirecapital.proboards.com/thread/7505/sign-desperation-secure-platform-funding

14. SECURE PLATFORM FUNDING.COM IS BANK INSTRUMENTS SCAMMER - : HTTPs://WWW.scamwarners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&p=294155
15. Beware of Secure Platform Funding Scam: HTTPs://WWW.scamguard.com/secure-platform-funding/

The internet is littered with sad stories and warning reports against Secure Flatform Funding (SPF), so please run away from them if you haven't sent them any money yet.

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