Seatwavestrictly come dancing metro arena 24th january 2017

I received tickets to the above event on 19th january (Ref number 1848332) and realised that they were the wrong ones. I had paid almost £300 for three tickets and I received restricted view tickets in the next block along which were worth less than half the price of the tickets I had bought. I phoned your customer 'service' number straight away and sent them an email with a picture of the tickets and the invoice (Which had the correct ticket details on it) as requested.

I have now made my fourth phonecall to your customer 'service' department and have been told again, that someone will get back to me. We are leaving today to attend this event, as it is over a four hour drive from where we live. I have also booked a non-refundable hotel for this event, as I had assumed, incorrectly, that I would receive the correct tickets in a timely manner.

I cannot express how furious I am at your incompetence and poor level of service. These tickets were a birthday present for my elderly mother who is a huge fan of the show and is now bitterly disappointed.

I would like to know how you intend to rectify this situation and how I will be reimbursed for the time, trouble and expense this has cost me.
Kind regards.

Jan 23, 2017

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