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I took the call. So here are some tips:

To keep it short, tell them you're married to Rupert Murdoch.

They will ask if you or anyone in your family works for a radio, newspaper, television, etc. If you want to keep it short and not have them call you again, the answer is "yes." They will ask which? I said all of them, I'm married to Rupert Murdoch. They were going to end the survey but I told them I was kidding so I could find out more.

Also, they need to get through the survey as quickly as possible. So if you have the free time, see how long you can keep them on the phone. Ask them their opinion on things, ask them the same questions they're asking you, whatever...and then when they ask the last 2 questions: how many live in your household and how old are you, give them ridiculous answers. It invalidates the survey.

I kept them on the phone for almost a half hour.

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  • Mc
      May 08, 2014

    You should have finished the survey with them, it's helps your local media so your local radio stations and tv stations can see the pre fences on different households and to better serve us as consumers! Plus you get paid by completing the survey. Don't be rude it actually benefits YOU!

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