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Savings Ace & Home Savings Mall / Unathorized Payment

1 NY, United States Review updated:

Today I discovered two payments on my credit card statement each for 19.95 to Savings Ace and Home Savings Mall. These payments were NEVER authorized, so of course I called for an explanation. The young lady who answered the phone informed me that I signed up online sometime in March. This being entirely false, I requested cancellation and refund which she promised would be done in 2-3 business days..."as a courtesy"

It's scary how these companies help themselves to your hard earned money and don't have the "courtesy" to get your permission first. I'm going to wait to see if they really process my refund before taking further action.

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  • Bi
      4th of May, 2009
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    Savings Ace & Home Savings Mall just got me. This is a scam. I never authorized either of these companies to charge my credit card. They posted 2 charges at $19.95. It happened just like the above post.

    If you have ever been a member of, you may be contacted by or seen their ads. MyLife bought and SavingsAce/HomesavingsMall advertises on MyLife's contact emails. MyLife takes the information you gave to and charges automatically to renew your subscription. Think of the huge database they of people who signed up thinking they were hooking up with high school friends.

    They said they would credit my card within 2 days. The real problem is they still have my credit imfo and I will have to go through the hassle of getting another card.

  • He
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    they just got me too and i called the 800 number and was told the same thing...refund in 2 to 4 business days so hope fully by tuesday...we will c but i never authorized ti either and they did say that the account would be cancelled also so hopefully...ripout companies thats all any of them are anymore!!!

  • Ny
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    Ive just had the same issues, I had never heard of them before, they claimed I signed up online but I did not. The only thing I could put it down to was the non stop phone calls that Ive been receiving from telemarketers.

    In the end this company debited my account three times overdrawing it. incurring over $85 worth of overdraw fees. It all happened within 2 days of one another
    and I didnt stand a chance to stop it.

    In the beginning they steadfast refused to refund the money until I issued an ultimatium they had 48 hours to return my funds or I was going to the police, it was theft and fraud. Theyve refunded the monies but now Im still stuck with the overdraft fees. The bank says I was at fault for giving them my number, which I never had.
    It was a brand new visa debit card and I had only used it twice and at two very reuptable companies.

    So its a case now Im being screwed by the bank as well.
    There does not seem to be any recourse for the consumer, we cant protect ourselves in any way. They encourage us to use online facilities but there is no way of having charges reversed.

    Im still going to send a complaint to the Justice Department as I still view it as fraud.
    These telemarketing companies need to be taken out of business

  • Da
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    I just got a call from Citibank, telling me that the security of "some" Mastercards had been compromised. They went through a list of charges I made, which were legititimate, then said Service Ace had been billing Mastercard $19.95 a month from May thru Oct. '09. I never heard of these people and I never did business with them. How the hell can they get away with doing this ??? I am calling them right now, then I'm calling the FTC.

  • Ro
      4th of Jan, 2010
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    Same thing here. After the run around on the phone, i got a human on the phone and she said she would only refund 1 of 3 charges..i dont think so. she passed me off to manager. after 20 min. on hold. finally refunded all 3 charges. they are real slimy people.

  • Jo
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    It's Feb 22, 2010, they're still at it. This time with 16.95 charges. I called American Express, and in effect "stopped payment." Why, one asks, are they still getting away with this. Are our so-called consumer protection agencies totally toothless, or are they getting paid off? It shocks me to think I should have to ask that question. But this too is America.

  • Kr
      30th of Jul, 2010
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    what phone number did you call . they got me for $200.00 and i cant get contact info

  • Wa
      6th of Aug, 2010
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    Fortunately, before I hit the submit button, I noticed off the the side that by hitting submit that I would be agreeing to a $24.95 per month membership fee. Guess they had to up the ante huh!
    Glad I have been advised to always Google something before I take the bait. Sure would have enjoyed that "free" grater with only $1.00 shipping!

  • Dw
      10th of Oct, 2010
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    10/9/10 I noticed a 19.95 charge on my credit card last week i did not recognize. I called the # on my statement 888 743 4421 to find out it was MVQ home shopping mall. They stated that I had joined their service in Dec 09 when I ordered a school reference item for my daughter off the site book Since Dec 09 they have charged my acount 19.95 a month, i am embarressed that i did not catch the charges earlier. But even so, i never purposefully joined, since Dec I have never used or accessed their site. After communication with them they have stopped my so called membership but are not refunding the almost $200.00 that they have stolen from. My next step is the BBB. Another contact # I received in a "we cant help u email" is 800 307 4560. I will gladly accept any suggestions on ways to expose this company for their practices. DW

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