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On March 27, 2017 my husband and I attended a presentation for a travel club membership in Branson, MO. The presenter, Mike Messenger, was insulting, degrading and thought he was a comedian. He used Super 8 Motels as an example of a bad motel. He described Motel 6 as Motel 6 and 4 bugs. Then he joked about the 80 year old people driving motor homes in Branson. Tasteless and with very poor judgement. Mike asked an attendee to leave the presentation because he had his eyes closed. (We later found out he has a medical condition). Mike continued to badgered this poor man. At one point this man leaned over and whispered something to his wife. Mike got angry as he understood the man called him an "###". Nobody in the audience heard the remark. And did not support Mike's action. Mike didn't care if we all walked out as he gets paid anyway. Did we buy! Hell, no! Not from an company that would keep someone as insensitive as Mike on the payroll. Customer service is customer service. And Mike failed big time! If I would have represented my employer as Mike did I would have been walked out the door, as I would deserve to be.

Mar 27, 2017

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