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Mr. Ben Price will try to lure you in offering low low rates and will even say that they have NO CONTRACT TERMS and will suggest to look at FAQ section on their web site under "What are contract Terms". If you have pre-paid service, they will send you emails telling you that their monitoring station is receiving some signal(happened in my case) and WILL TRY TO HOOK YOU UP for one more year by burying more clauses in the email. Their intention is somehow to keep you billing for life. I have received POTENTIALLY THREATENING emails from their CEO telling me what they will do if I do not comply.

Following is a part of a letter which will be sent to 1)BBB of Alaska, Oregon & Western Washington (DuPont, WA) and 2)Attorney General Of State Of Washington over the weekend. I am still editing the letter so final letter may have different content and wording. However, these are my main complaints.


To : BBB of Alaska, Oregon & Western Washington (DuPont, WA)

1000 Station Drive, Ste. 222

DuPont, WA 98327

Re : Complaints against 8525 120th Ave NE Ste 301 Kirkland, WA 98033

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to register following complaints against this company for using deceptive practices and for sending invoices with bogus charges and bogus reports to support these bogus charges and sending potentially threatening emails (from their CEO Ron Cats) telling what will they do if I DO NOT COMPLY to their wishes.

The bone of contention was invoice # 24735 for an amount of $194.65 which was received in the email on May 11, 2008 after cancellation of my pre-paid 1 � Yr (paid in advance using credit card) service. I replied by sending a USPS registered mail addressed to CEO Ron Cats disputing all charges as BOGUS and asked to resolve amicably. He replied by email dated 06/05/08 admitting mistake by giving some lame excuse to what appeared as a deliberate and blatant attempt to charge for something which was neither asked for nor delivered. Subsequently, I received a new invoice # 9949 for $$60.80 with remaining BOGUS charges carried over from the previous invoice. I am still disputing BOGUS charges. Now, Mr. Ron Cats has threatened me via email dated 07/03/08 to send some other BOGUS charges to a collection agency. His exact words are �I will instruct the accounting department to proceed with the back charges and turn it over to collections�.

Complaint # 1) Their deceptive and misleading advertisement on Contract terms. As per their site under FAQ section they state VERY CLEARLY that �We don't require contract terms�. However, to support their BOGUS charges they cite contract terms and BLATENLY include additional contract terms in the innocuous but deceptive emails.

Complaint # 2) Sending deceptive emails to get you sign up for extended term by including additional contract terms in the emails by notifying to the subscriber (that is me) that false alarms are being received by their monitoring station. They do this by offering solution to fix a BOGUS problem but asked you to remain for 1 more year by placing additional clauses in the email offering solution. Unless somebody reads these lengthy emails they MAY not know how comforting they look in the beginning BUT how cunning and deceptive they are.

Complaint # 3) Sending what looks like a bogus report � perhaps prepared on the fly using MS Excel to show that my system was sending some signals to their monitoring station

Complaint # 4) Backchaging for 12 months for receiving these BOGUS signals by showing a bogus report again citing some clause in the contract.

Complaint # 5) Threatening to report to collection agency with BOGUS charges

Complaint # 6) Taking my social security number for security reasons and I am afraid that they will use for purposes other than security reasons such as reporting to collection agency which the CEO Ron H. Cats already threatened via email.

Complaint # 7) Asking me to pay by credit card ONLY. I am afraid if I give them my credit card they MAY run additional charges by using some other tactic.

Complaint # 8) Sending invoices with bogus charges. Received a new invoice # 9949 dated 07/01/2008 with BOGUS charges of $60.80.

Complaint # 9) Threatening to backcharge for 24 months via email received dated 06/05/08 if I do not settle which I feel are the bogus charges. The exact words from Ron Cats were �If you choose not to do so, we reserve the right to go

back and recharge ALL fees for the 24 month term based on your promotional

code that you used to gain services last year at $9.95 per month, as well as

not allow credits for unused services.�

To give a little background, I signed up for their 1-Yr pre-paid service last year which was fully paid by credit card. Later, due to reasons listed below, I decided to prematurely discontinue their services. They sent me an invoice # 24735 for an amount of $194.65 on May 11, 2008. I sent a USPS registered letter disputing all these BOGUS charges. Subesequently, I received an email from CEO of the company and recently received a new invoice # 9949 dated 07/01/2008 with BOGUS charges of $60.80. I also want to point out that the equipment is mine and I used it for 2 years when I signed for monitoring services from a Houston-based alarm monitoring company. The equipment was installed by this company in my new house free of charge for signing up with them for 2 years on or around Julu 15th 2001. I also want to point out that this device is located near my bedroom and makes annoying noise when battery is low. I have been changing the battery faithfully and as per the company which provided and installed the machine told me that this system is programmed NOT to send any test signals other than making annoying noise when battery is low.

I also want to point out that there are NUMEROUS complaints against this company at BBB and at various sites. In the beginning I did NOT trust these BUT now I am convinced that they are true after dealing with them personally trying to resolve these bogus charges. Some of the complaints at

are 1) �They will make you miserable � do not use this company. Sure while you have the service, it�s fine�but unless you plan on keeping it for life �you�re doomed ���

2) I have never faced a business out to scam you from day one���. Some of the complaints at are 1)Deceptive company with numerous unresolved complaints w/BBB. There are numerous complaints at BBB and can be found at

I want to add some additional facts to support some of the complaints.

� Complaint # 1 �Their deceptive and misleading advertisement on Contract terms and then flatly denying saying �The FAQ section of our site is NOT OUR CONTRACT and cannot override the TERMS & CONDITIONS of our agreement. (Read it on our site)�.

They clearly state on their web site under FAQ section

as follows �What is your contract term? We don't require contract terms. You simply pre-pay for your service in advance from one month to ten tears at our extremely low rate. Upon expiration of the pre-paid term, your service will continue on our month to month rate until you either cancel services, agree to a new pre-paid monitoring term.�

When I decided not to continue with their services after having their service on month to month basis before eventually signing up for 1-Yr pre-paid service, I was asked by Jackie to talk to Mr. Ben Price. I told Mr. Price that I am getting better deal with my old company and he offered me same deal as 1-yr pre-paid service and asked to sign up online. Mr. Ben Price also told me not to worry about contract terms and asked me to look at FAQ section on the web site when I told him that I am NOT comfortable with checking the circle saying �CLICK HERE TO ACCEPT OUR SERVICE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SHOWN BELOW.�. He told me that it was probably a mistake carried over from an old form. I asked Ron Cats to explain this in the letter I sent to him which he never replied until yesterday . His reply via email dated 07/01/2008 was �As for your request for us to waive the balance due, this is denied based on your CONTRACT TERMS. The FAQ section of our site is NOT OUR CONTRACT and cannot override the TERMS & CONDITIONS of our agreement. (Read it on our site)�. I did NOT ask him to waive the balance due, I basically disputed all those chages as BOGUS.

Now, I realize why whoever is complaining is calling this company a scam. This is one of their scam to lure you saying �we have no contract terms� and later flatly denying it.

� Complaint # 2 Using deceptive tactic to get you sign up UNKNOWGILY for extended term by including additional terms in the emails by reporting some signals are being received by their monitoring station

I sent a USPS certified letter addressed to CEO of this company on May 14 2008 disputing all the charges totaling $194.65 as BOGUSCharges listed in invoice # 24735 which was sent by their AR department via email on 05/11/2008. This letter was received by James Bott as per the return receipt. This invoice was sent after I decided to cancel this service prematurely. I decided to cancel this service after I realized how cleverly and deceptively they want me to sign up for one more year beyond my original term with no mention of price. I did NOT realize their tactic and submitted PHONE SERVICE ORDER form online as suggested in the email to fix this problem so that I do not get charged again. I received one more email saying that they need credit card number since this a pre-paid service. I read this email in its entirety and realized how deceptive and cunning this email was � deep buried way down in the email the AR department had 8 clauses. I was alarmed by clause # 8 which states �Subscriber agrees to remain a monitored account with contractor a minimum of 12 months beyond any service call performed through this order.�. I was shocked with clause # 4 which states �Subscriber does not have a credit card on file with contractor, they agree to provide such for both this service call, as well as future monitoring and repair fees from contractor.�. I realized that this is dangerous because they can charge my credit card for additional 1 year with no pricing disclosed. I replied that I do not want to continue with their services and later called and cancelled this pre-paid service with 60 days notice. Later, I found that I did the right thing after I did some research on the internet about this company and found out that there are numerous complaints about this company.

� Complaint # 3 Sending bogus report to show that my system was sending some signals to their monitoring station and charging for these signals.

When I asked Ron H Cats about the proof that their monitoring system actually received the so-called "automatic or supervisory signals, including but not limited to opening, closing or auto tests�. I asked him for this because the company who installed this system and with whom I wish to continue when I am done with SaveOnMyAlarm told me this system is programmed NOT to send any supervised signal such as �Open, close and By-pass�. He sent me a report via email which looked like report prepared in MS Excel. Their claim that my system is sending low-barrety signals is a BOGUS claim because as per this company the system will ONLY make annoying sound to alert you about low battery. I asked when I received a new invoice # 9949 dated 07/01/2008.

� Complaint # 4 Backchaging for 12 months for receiving these BOGUS signals by showing a bogus report.

They backcharge for last 12 months at $5 per month citing the clause �This monthly fee has been added to your account as per contract # 25. �����will cause contractor to access additional fees against Subscribers account and may be done in arrears up to one year.� in invoice # 9949 dated 07/01/2008. As stated previously, my system is programmed NOT to send these signals and there claims that their monitoring system was receiving such signals are BASELESS and hence charges are BOGUS.

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  • Ne
      6th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am having a similar experience. I never agreed to any two year contract at $19.95 and suddenly my bill went from $5.95, which is advertised all over the site as THE price, to $19.95, locked into a two year contract! Bill Price was rude and hung up on me when I challenged this false advertising. There are no terms and conditions on the order page nor links to any terms and conditions on the order page. I checked the "terms" box thinking that I was agreeing with what I had read on the order page. These people are crooks.

  • Ra
      15th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes - Great company
    United States

    What a great company. I pre-paid for 1 year at $5.95 per month and then continued by pre-paying another 5 years for only $5.95 per month. They are fast when responding to alarms and I have never felt better with a monitoring company. Thank you Saveonmyalarm.

  • Vi
      22nd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    They are definitely crooks! They will go to Hell! I am a recent victim of that firm! Be aware! Ben Price was very rude. They are courteous to you before you pay those fictitious charges, before they pull out every penny from you and before you know the truth. The firm has a lot of names on the Internet, which should raise a red flag before you sign the contract with them! BE AWARE!

  • Go
      16th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    You work for them, or you are the CEO of the scamming firm. Is that correct? Are you sure you receive security service from this scamming business? You may want to double check.

  • Ro
      11th of May, 2009
    0 Votes



  • Te
      19th of May, 2009
    0 Votes - Excellent Experience
    Kirkland, WA
    United States

    I had an excellent experience with There prices and customer service are unsurpassed. I highly recommend them.

  • Ja
      1st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes - Exceptional Company
    De Witt
    United States is an exceptional company. They are very fast when they respond to alarms, which leaves me feeling secure and safe. I was impressed with their customer care as well. After shopping around for a while, I am beyond pleased with my choice.

  • Jo
      14th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Did the exact same to me .
    Started excessive charging on my credit card.

    When cancelled send me early termination fee for 3years.
    No contract was ever mentioned or agreed.

    RON CATS and BEN PRICE are the people behind this mess.

  • Ro
      31st of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    What was the resolution with this company? We are in the same situation with the same threats/fees etc. Were you sent to collections and do you have any recommendations for us?

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