Savannah kittens / Carrier of fatal infectious disease

1 Sacramento, United States
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Our 2 year old savannah (our son) has in initial stages of F I P. We adopted a new kitten, that we were told was 11 weeks old and after receiving him discovered that he was only 7 1/2 weeks old. Our older cat came from a breeder that refused to allow adoption until the kittens were 13 weeks old and had received all of their shots and worming. This new kitten has none of the veterinary trreatments that are expected. We pray that we can help our 2 year old cat through a life long treatment program and hopefully hold off this terminal disease for as long as possible. Our vet explained that a properly immunized kitten would have reduced this risk of transmission immensely. It is GROSSLY IRRESPONSIBLE and bordering on illegal (inhumane animal treatment) for Rare Breed Exotics to propagate this fatal disease into other households and kill their current (healthy) pets.

Jan 1, 2015

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