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B Nov 19, 2017

On 11/9/2017 my bank account was compromised. A person named Andrew Harris made an online wire transfer from my account to his, in an amount over $14, 000. He managed to go into a Santander branch in Bronx, NY and withdraw funds totaling $10, 202. Once I became aware of the fraudulent activity (within 24hours) I went to a local branch for assistance.
The Customer Service rep named Justin Powell was very understanding and helpful. I witnessed him call the fraud department and speak to a customer service representative, who told me it would take approximately 10 business days to receive my funds. We asked for a claim number so I can reference later in the week, because of course I would want an update, however the fraud customer service rep replied, "there is no claim number".
On 11/16/2017, I returned to the same branch for an update. This is when I was informed there was nothing to update, no claim had been put in for my funds to be returned. The branch rep Justin Powell then asked to speak to a manager and made a complaint because we were given wrong information on how to proceed.
I completed both required steps below received horrible service and results from the fraud department
1) Under Santander's Online Banking Guarantee, when you use Online Banking, we guarantee that your money is protected against online fraud or losses. You are protected against unauthorized online transactions as long as you check your statements and promptly notify us of any unauthorized activity. Refer to your Online Banking Agreement for details on guarantees and your responsibilities for promptly reporting unauthorized transactions.
2) If there is an unauthorized transaction on your account, please contact a Customer Service Center Advisor immediately a11-[protected]. You may be asked to complete and sign an affidavit for the unauthorized transaction. Santander will then contact you by mail regarding the resolution of your claim
It is now more than a calendar week, according to the fraud department I have to now fill out a police report, bring a copy to the branch to be sent with an affidavit. PLEASE, PLEASE consider changing your process of online transfers. Perhaps consider an additional verification step, like an email or phone text code in order to proceed.

PS: I have been a customer for 19 years and have never had a complaint

Thank you,
Brandi Flowers

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