Santander Consumer USA / they refuse to apply my payments to my principal balance and they refuse to return my calls...

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We need to address this issue they said that their records indicate that I signed my contract on oct. 21, 2016, (oh and by the way I am the co-buyer on the account), so with my first payment due being due on dec. 5, 2016... On nov. 29, 2016, at my request, I changed my due date, ok they say my payments were changed from being due on the 5th day of each month to the 15th, and they also stated that by me doing that made me skip a payment? Ok my question to them is how did I skip a payment when all I did was just changed the day to better fits me so that I can make my payments on time at no extra charge which indicated on their website which by the way I do make my payments on time already, and they also stated that from the month of oct. 21, 2016 to dec. 15, 2016, I accrued $743.61 in interest during that time, and as a result they said my first payment was credited towards the outstanding interest balance, which left me a remaining balance that I owe in the amount of $162.01, they also stated that the outstanding and accrued current interest was satisfied with my second payment in the amount of $581.60, which was received on jan. 13, 2017. Let me first say that, they gave a great presentation, all though the remaining balance of interest that I still owed from the outstanding balance as they stated which was $162.01, and the current interest I accrued on my second payment on jan. 13, 2017, which was $324.25 which made my total interest to pay is $486.26, and I made a payment of $581.60 that left the amount of $95.34 left to go towards my principal balance now let me say this after all the numbers they stated my principal balance was $23, 430.00 shouldn't my principal balance be 23, 334.66 instead of 23, 402.94 which is what they have my balance at now... So where is the rest of my money at $95.34?

Jan 21, 2017
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      25th of Apr, 2017

    I don't understand their business practices because I made a large payment on April 11, 2017 in which they took out double the interest and said I don't have a payment due until June 14, 2017 but yet when I called and questioned this I was told that I had to call after I make a payment to tell them how much I want to go to my principle amount due, and that if I made a payment in May that they would take interest out of that payment, because I accrue interest of 6.63 a day. So then I asked well if y'all ate telling me that you took the interest out of my money for April and May then anything I pay in May should all be applied to principle and nothing towards interest because I should not accrue interest until after my payment due date from May to June. Then I was told I had to call them after I make my payment in May to make sure they apply it all to principle so they won't take any interest out. My problem is is it sounds like they are double charging me interest. I had to buy a car but I Aldo had a run around from the car lot for over a month just getting this car because the first car they had for me they couldn't find anyone to finance a 2010 Toyota Scion but that didn't make since because they could find someone to finance me a newer car 2015 Hyundai Elantra. How am I supposed to feel about this? And what can I do about this?

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