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Santander Consumer USA / terrible service!

1 P.O. Box 961245Fort Worth TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (888) 222-4227

Originally my loan was with road loans, bought out by drive financial, later acquired by santander consumer usa. I have had this loan for just under 4 years now and have always paid on time, never a single day late in 4 years. For the past 6 months I have been unable to make online payments on their website. I called them repeatedly and each time I am told by yet another rude agent that they can't help me with the website, in fact no one seems to be able to run their website or manage those accounts. They "graciously" offer to take my payment by phone (for a $10.95 fee each time) which I decline. This month I was determined to make this website work. I tried everything - forgot username, forgot password, recreating my account... Nothing worked. So I call again (ever the optimist) and my payment was due yesterday because i'm messing around trying to make this online payment work, and I am sent to the collections department where a rude man starts yelling at me that my payment is late and I need to pay it immediately by phone. I said, i'm sorry, it was due yesterday. He says yes, now it is in collections! I just had to laugh a little at the absurdity of it all. So I decline the $10.95 fee to pay on the phone, he threatens me that I will be charged the same amount for every day that it is late. All the while, he sounds furious? So I ask him if he is ok because he sounds like he might have a stroke. Now he starts lecturing me about how not paying my bills is only going to hurt me. So I remind him I have never been late in over four years and I ask him why he is being so rude, at which point he hangs up the call. Incredible! I wrote their customer service an email about my experience but i'm quite sure they don't give a damn, they have made that very clear. I recommend that no one do business with this company!

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      27th of Sep, 2010
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    Unfortunately Citifinancial gave me no choice but to deal with this horrible Santander. Utterly pissed off.

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      9th of Oct, 2010
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    Lilliefae - usually I read these complant boards and laugh at the absurdity and idiocy of the people writing them...usually the complaints are stupid and baseless. Reading your complaint however is a bit have a VERY valid point. I know a person that works there and fron what they said the place is a mess. Citifinancial auto reps were hired at santander, given a crash course for training, and told to get busy on a system they barely know. Apparently the managers that were brought over from citi are equally in the dark. Chances are the reason you cant get an answer on the web payments are because the reps themselves dont know, and no one cares to tell them. Ive also heard they had take a HUGE paycut to avoid being laid off...and that a small incentive is paid to top collectors. Since that small incentive may be the difference between turkey and balogna for these guys, its not surprising that ive heard so much about jow bad they are. Santander obviously doesnt care for their customers, and thinks so little of their customers that they sabotage the customer service process by being unreasonably inflexible and cheap. If i were you i would try to refinance through another lender asap or see if you can trade your vehicle in to pay off the loan so that these jerks dont make a dime off of you whom they seem to care so little for. One other thing, id write a full on letter to their upper they know their approach is flawed. Or, give another call but this time ask for a manager, and then ask for the managers manager and so on until you get to someone thats really in charge!

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