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Santander took over for hsbc this year for my auto loan, and due to unemployment I have been trying to get my payments put onto a workout plan. I spoke to someone a week ago who said they could work out a deal cutting my interest rate and reducing payment, but was informed today that that plan was "rejected" and if I don't make payment today I will lose my vehicle. The girl on the phone, germita (Sp?) was antagonistic and would not transfer me to a supervisor or even another rep. I've worked in different forms of customer service for 10+ years and she is the worst i've ever heard, which seemed to make her argue more. It's hard to imagine a company that wants to make money off of you doing such a poor job of communicating with their customer, let alone having "collections agents" who don't have the ability to talk on an even level with people.

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  • Ta
      15th of May, 2010

    This is EXACTLY what happened to my son in the past week. They told him if he didn't pay half the balance $2500, by the end of the week he would loose his car. They would not let him make payment arrangements and they said the need the remainder in 10 days. I don't know where else he can turn to. Making the $2500, which he borrowed from me (after I took a loan) would actually catch his car payments up. He has been out of working and attempting to make payments but since they took over from HSBC they have been nothing but harrassing and unwilling to work out a payment plan.

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  • Ke
      19th of May, 2010

    My car loan was originally with HSBC and this stupid company took over my loan...I offered to pay my loan off for the principal balance and they have refused and said that they do not make deals. My principal balance is $1, 927.14 and with late charges and fees of $1, 546.68 for a total of $3, 473.82. I offered them $2, 000.00 to pay the car off and they will not take the offer. I just don't understand this. I will be googling to find out who the head of this place is so that I can talk to them directly and find out what exactly I can do to get this taken care of. I don't want the car so it may come down to me telling them to come get it...I really don't care at this point...Heck I may even tell the scrap yard to come get the car..I really don't care...

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  • D1
      25th of May, 2010

    Wow this is like reading my own story. I had a loan through HSBC also. At no point was I told the loan was being sold. That upset me. I had no problems dealing with HSBC. I am so angry right now. I have fallen behind in my payments however since Jan 2010 I have paid them over 2000.00 I have been trying to get something to them everyweek. This was not good enough the other day I got a letter saying they were going to repo my car if payment arrangements were not made. Now mind you I have spoken to them on so many ocasions always someone different and ALWAYS a different story pay this amount and we will do this pay this amount and we can do this I have done everything asked of me and they have done nothing they rejected reducing my payments and they said I could not defer payments because the state of ohio does not allow payments to be added to the end of a loan. I have not found anything on this yet. When I got the repo letter I had already scheduled a payment of 201.17 to come out on Thursday when I called and told them this the man was so rude he proceded to tell me that it was not enough and they needed money now. He kept reminding me that I broke a promise that I made to pay something a couple of weeks earlier which I had a emergency and could not do it. He reminded me of that at least 3 times. Well to make a long story short he proceded to tell me I had to pay more in order to stop the repo so I have to take my food money for this week and pay them more money on Friday. And I also told them i would have another payment made by the 11th of next month. I made these arrangements yesterday and today I received 3 phone calls from them saying they were calling me to remind me about the arrangement made I told them they don't have to call me but this person proceded to say the phone calls will not stop until the payments have been made. I am tired of being threatened and bullied by these people I don't know what to do. Once I make my next payment I will be caught up I hope it stops these calls. Any suggestions are welcome they are making my life miserable along with all the other bill collectors that are calling I don't know where to turn anymore. Thanks for listening.

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  • Je
      8th of Sep, 2010

    Welcome to the world of collections! These peole SUCK though I agree...we are only 1 month behind and today I received an email saying Thank you for authorizing a payment and a confirmation number...WHAT? I never authorized any payment, so I called and Valerie said they could not tell where the payment was authorized or who did it, then called back today to speak with superviser, Maria (totally rude) said she could not transfer me to a supervisor, they were NOT AVAILABLE. It is funny you can NEVER speak to one ;) So I told them I would not be making a payment tomorrow till they clear this up, they did not care to say the least. Funny thing is they will not get the payment they WRONGFULLY are trying to take out of our acct. because I put a freeze on it and I am closing the acct today. We are filing this as fraud...Thank Goodness I caught the email in time!!

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