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Mesa, AZ, United States

Hello my name is Denise I purchased a 2015 VW Jetta in April of 2015. Amount Fin.
20, 075.000. The dealership had this offer was a special program, I received a card in the mail to help people rebuild their credit Johnny said that after one year I was to go back into the dealership and refi w a lower interest rate as long as I did not miss a payment and wasn't late. I went in Johnny the fin manager was no longer w the Hiltop Hanless Nissan And there no one knew about the program they had in April of 2015 after speaking with Billy the new finance manager. I callled the Bank who financed me to get my payoff amount I am going to pay off my car. I have paid to date $13, 354.00 not one late Payment. Amount pd.
to Principal $3, 955.00 Amount pd. to Interest $9398.00. The payoff amount is $ 17, 900.. I called again this had to be a mistake!
I am in complete shock. The dealership ship got me * up... my interest rate is high.. that high!!
I have pd. 24 mo. at 520.00. = $12, 049.00 and My payoff amount is $17, 053.00 insane!!
On the phone w bank she is telling me I have a interest loan.. I accrue Interest everyday!! I am on the phone w the credit bureau I filed a complaint they will call me within 24 to 48 hrs with some kind of solution... I am in shock!!!
I did not receive a call back from consumers affairs so I called and asked what kind of solution can we come up with? I was told none!!! They Santander they do no modification, no refi, no adjustments.. I should only owe about $9, 000 on my car I have it and want to just pay it off
Later on that week I did see Johnny around town. My salesman's name was Jimmy.
What can I do.. Thanks Denise

Please help!!!
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Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Sep 15, 2017

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