Salvation Armyrefuse to allow customer to test out used electronic devices

D Mar 07, 2013 Alhambra, CA Review updated:

My name is Dan and I've frequently donates to the Salvation Army. I and another customers were testing out a used JVC DVD/CD and a Used missing cover Shinco DVD/CD player when the power outlet were rudely unplug before our eyes. "Cindy" - was a SA worker there just unplug it and went to do her business. I ask why and she have a rude/bad respond that we aren't allows to test them. Cindy is violating our consumer rights and has a bad attitude toward consumers. I would like SA to change this unpleasant environment since it is a Christain Org.


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      Mar 07, 2013

    I have never been in a thrift store that has an area where people can test electric items. The prices on those items are cheap enough that it is usually taken for granted that you buy as is. What do you consider a bad/rude response? Are you aware that some of the people that work in the non-profit thrift stores are volunteers. Most of those thrift stores are in rented buildings and it can't be guaranteed that all the outlets in a building are safe to use. Those businesses usually aren't located in real great buildings/areas. The money that they take in goes to helping in disaster areas, to providing help for needy people, etc. When I say helping needy people, I don't mean with financial help, there are other organizations that do that.

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