Safewaycustomer service employee

On Monday Dec. 3, 2018 approximately 5:30 we drove to safeway at 4215 Chestshire Station Plaza in Woodbridge, Va to use the western union. Sign says open from 10-7pm. Husband was told that it was down. I asked another employee and was told it was closed at 5:30 because the manager that can open it was gone. Which is a totally different from what Donald told my husband. I walked back to customer service and asked which one was it, because I drove all the way over here because it said it was open. Donald was extremely rude and distasteful in his response.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Woodbridge, VA "Well its broke" is what he said and started pointing to the sign saying that's what it meant. I said no the sign says its closed but the hours posted are different. So I asked for the managers' name he said Nick, I asked him if he could write it down, he then said "NO YOU WRITE IT DOWN"!! He doesn't belong behind customer service counter with an attitude like that. If safeway offers a service then the service should be available to the public. Not closed or "broken" before the time. It's a waste of my time and gas to drive somewhere just to be lied to.

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