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On Sunday Dec 2, I was at the Safeway in Calgary 33 Castle Ridge Blvd NE. While I was shopping in the bakery I found the bakery staff to be rude and obscene as they commented to each other about my appearance. I was not rude or even asked them for anything. If this is the caliber of staff that Safeway employs it is a poor reflection of Safeway's costumer service.
I only spend $100 a week at Safeway and I am sure that other stores would appreciate my business moving forward. Safeway employees need to realise that the consumer pays their wage.

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  •   Dec 02, 2018

    They commented on your appearance. Why? A “costumer” is a person who makes costumes, btw.

    Yes, you pay their wages and not all employees are decent. But your one hundred dollars per week won’t affect them much. I’d be angry if I spent five dollars a week if they disrespected me. But explain what was said, what you said, etc. If they said, “that’s an ugly dress on that lady” they’re criticizing your dress. Not nice but it’s their opinion. If they said, “wow, that lady is fat” I’d have said, “yes, I am. Good eyes. My weight is visible; your rudeness and stupidity of is hidden.”

    You’re going to be angry and change your shopping location because of two strangers who have no couth? Life is too short to let these things bother you.

    You can’t judge a corporation on the activity of two employees in one location. Rather than complaining here, call corporate or the store manager. Posting here is entertainment, nothing more.

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  •   Dec 04, 2018

    You only pay their wages if this is a government position [like teaching or the mayor] and if you pay your taxes. You don't physically sign their paychecks over to them, it would be done via taxes.

    Naere is right, corporate pays them since corporate is selling the goods to begin with.

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