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Safeguard Properties / Awful company

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My personal home in waterford, mi was in the redemption period and safeguard properties inc. Was contracted by national city mortgage, mi to inspect, winterize and secure my residence. I was never evicted from my home nor never received letter from the mortgage company. My personal belongings were still in home and garage, and when i went to check my residence there was a lock box on the front door. Two days after, i called the mortgage company and they gave me the code to the lock box to get in. Upon entry i noticed my brand new leather furniture was stolen. So i called and made a police report w / the local police dept. And notified both safeguard properties, and national city mortgage about the theft. Safeguard inc. States they will refer it to their legal dept. And national city states i have been evicted! Well, they said they will try to get my furniture back. Four days later i returned to the property and noticed power tools, hand tools and lawn equipment were now missing from the garage. So i called the police again and they added it to the initial report. Called safeguard and they were still in process of notifying their legal dept. Spoke w / "larry" from pioneer corp. (Sub - contracted by safeguard) and he stated "take a number, it could be me or 50 others, because the lock boxes all have the same codes and keys in michigan!" i removed the keys from the lock - box after the first theft incident, and there was no evidence of b&e on the first or second theft. So i take it that they have additional keys since they are all the same. I want it to be known that this is happening to more people than just me and it is bad enough that people are losing homes in this economy let alone to become a victim of larceny. Hope other victims will see this article and they too will come fwd w / their own complaints to blow this scam wide open.

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  • Im
      24th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Safeguard is an illegal scam, breaking into properties, cleaning them out using false clamims that the property has been abandoned. They are simply put thieves.

    If you fall victim to them call the police. Look up all of the complaints you can find and provide the data to the police. Demand a crimnal investigation. Do not quit. Call a lawyer. Make them pay Let's pun Safeguard properties out of business.

    I was moving out of a house, I moved one truckload. Some Real Estate company working for Safeguard drove by and did v peek into the window, saw moving boxes on the floor called the mortgage company and said the property was abandoned.

    They sent in a Safeguard Cleaning Crew, stole all of my furniture, family photos, business records, antiques, stole my car, and left a 6" x 6" scarf in the top corner of a closet. The appliances were all gone, all my dishes, pots pans, clocks, clothing. towels, sheets blankets, checkbooks, bankbooks, everything. These people are ruinning a criminal enterprise.

  • Ba
      6th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Safeguard also did the same thing to me. While in the process of moving they claimed my home was abandoned and locked it up. When I called to ask for the code to enter my home via the lockbox they put on the door, they said they would overnight me the code. After a week went by and no code came, I went to the house to find my belongings gone. Furniture, pots and pans, motorcycle gear, clothing, dining room table and chairs, dishes, even the sheets/pillows/comforter right off my bed, and the picnic table outside!!! When they realized I wanted in to the house, they beat me to it so they could take my things!!! I now have a lawyer as advised by the reporting police officer. I will not rest until everyone knows what scammers Safeguard is and I either have my things back or have been reimbursed!

  • Zz
      17th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am a vendor for Safeguard Properties in WA state. I have also nearly lost my home in the past, and additionally have lived in a rented home throughout the foreclosure process and my legal 90 days after. I did not have my property taken out of either home I lived in, even though I didn't have much furniture and the foreclosure sale had already taken place. Here's how: I didn't move out and leave (aka abandon) my stuff. That is the number one thing people are doing wrong. Safeguard vendors have no way of knowing that you plan to come back to get your stuff after you have moved out, and Fannie Mae says that if your stuff isn't worth $500 at a garage sale (and that is a LOT of stuff), to take it away and dispose of it. With other companies, it is $300 worth. If you have moved out, take your stuff. Period. Don't call it your residence if you do not reside there. If you have not moved out, put a small sign in the window saying so. Honest Safeguard vendors (and we're not all crooks) do not want to take your stuff. When I lived in a foreclosed condo, my sign said this: "This property is legally occupied by a tenant. Please do not winterize, change locks, or remove anything from this unit." And nobody did. A broker for the bank came by to see if anyone lived there. He was impressed by my note. He offered me money to move out (cash for keys), but as we had no where else to go at that time and it was to our best advantage to stay put for the full 90 days we were legally allowed, we stayed. We told the broker this, and he didn't come back. We moved out at 90 days, and no one took our stuff. That's what I know about living in a foreclosed property.

    Here is what I know about working for Safeguard. Before I started with them, I had to show proof of liability and E & O insurance before I could start. I do not need to be a licensed contractor, because I am not building or repairing properties (I am a licensed business and pay all taxes, tho). I am basically a trash hauler/ maid/ grass cutter. One time Safeguard THOUGHT we had removed property that had value from a home (you couldn't see in the photos we sent that some items were broken, soaked in cat urine, etc). and they refused to pay me for the whole job (I appealed & got my money). I as a vendor am responsible for making sure that I do not remove personal property worth more than $500 from a property. And if it is determined that I have, I don't get paid, and I can get sued. That is a huge burden to carry. If I do see $500+ in personal property, I take photos, a notice is posted for 30 or 45 days, and I do not come back until that time period is over. After that, I get an order to trash out the stuff. A foreclosed home should not be viewed as a storage unit for a former owner. As for getting paid promptly by Safeguard, I have to say they are really good. I have been working for them for 9 months now, and I don't have a single invoice at 45 days or longer. They do sometimes decide that my calculation of cubic yardage is off, and since they pay by the cubic yard that cuts my pay. But we take very very detailed photos of the "debris" at properties, and for the most part, get what we ask for. We are also meticulous with our cleaning and take every last photo they ask for. If you don't, they say you didn't do it and you won't get paid. But that is part of our job. I have had a few charge-backs that I viewed as unfair, but they have a system in place for appeal, and I have won nearly every time, and my money was paid promptly. I don't know if Safeguard has just improved greatly over the past year or two, or if the people stating how they have not been paid by Safeguard are losers. All I know is that I am getting paid in a timely manner, and last month I was the #2 vendor in volume in a 7 state area.

    And lastly, Safeguard gets their work orders from the banks & Fannie Mae. If Safeguard is given a work order to clean out a house that appears vacant that has not been foreclosed yet, the owner should sue the bank for sending them there. The bank is the party in the wrong, because the bank said that they owned the house and had the authority to have everything removed from the property.

  • Ro
      4th of Apr, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Please read Facebook : Bank of America and Safeguard robbed my house.

  • Ou
      5th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I too am a contractor for Safeguard, going on 8 yrs now. I agree with most of what you said, however, being with them for 8 yrs I have seen the changes that cause most people to bash them, up until last year the debris was divided, you had just "debris", personals, and health hazards, we were getting $10 pre gal of paint, $25 for propane tank, $10 for gas cans, etc.. now I dont know how your state works but there are some things you cannot dump at a dump site, ie:paint, you have to make special concessions to get rid of some of these health hazards that end up costing you more money, unless of course you do what prob. 90% of the contractor do and dump it illegally, cleaning up feces and dead animals and other really nasty stuff required a seperate bid(justifiably so) it just seems like every year more and more "memo's" come out wanting us to do MORE for LESS, and since there is a fast turn around on contractors most of you new guys dont know what it was like when we actually got paid for our work. And as for some of the other issues with Safeguard you better pay good attention to EVERY work order, they are designed and worded to create confusion in the hopes it seems that you [censored] up. Most of the regionals, who are your boss, really know nothing about what it takes to perform our job. or you submit a bid to remove 3-400 cut down trees for $3000 and they send you a work order stating the client has reduced your bid to 1/3 of that "with the expectaions that you will complete for this amount" I could go on and on, and whatever you do, dont bring up any of their faults at the conference, whether it be about $ amounts for debris or the fact you may not have been payed for something, you will get shut down, REAL QUICK, I dont mean your business, just your topic of discussion, they absolutly DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT, We vendors need a chat forum to discuss these matters with each other, they do their best to keep everyone isolated when it comes to these issues. Some contractors have no idea that other contracors are only giving 20-25% and some 30-35% back to safeguard, go do a $30 grass cut, pay SG their 35%, pay for gas, drive to the job, spend a min. of 30-45 min mowing and see how much youve earned, it averages out to about $12hr or less, I am in business to make money, the same as them, but ole Robert Klien in case you didnt know, makes up the rules, he basically is a consultant for HUD and FM, not to mention, he owns MFS and is invloved in most of the policy making and pricing guidelines,
    THANKS BOB!!! I am to the point where IM about to quit, if your situation is different, more power to ya, but plz, enough with the ### kissing banter

  • Ti
      6th of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    i am in a similar situation do you want to PM me

  • Cl
      10th of Jun, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I am a newer contractor for Safeguard, and I have to say it, the lot that I have been reading for the past few weeks is discouraging. Many people seem to be extremely upset with them, be they contractors, or evicted homeowners. First to the homeowners; Not all contractors who do the bidding of Safeguard are evil or crooked, though who can deny that any basket has a few bad apples. As one of the contractors who do their job in a forthright way, I think I speak for all others who do so when I say that there is nothing more day-breaking than being required to walk into a home and see the evidence of a life interrupted. I have myself been cast out into the streets when my mother lost her home. I too had things left behind. And if there is one thing I don't stand for, it is the neglect of those whose entire lives have been so sharply changed. I will, and always have respected those whose lives were affected.
    Now for the contractors. While my experience is somewhat short compared to many, I can in no way say that Safeguard treats their contractors unfairly. Time will tell. For now however, I can only assume that most of the contractor complaints are coming from them for one of two reasons; The first being the work was either completed improperly, or improperly documented. This is easy to understand as the business is a volume oriented one, requiring that large amounts of work be done. However this does not give contractors Carte Blanche to pad invoices, or "create" work while on the scene, or to cut corners and "take good photos". Photos which make is seem like the work is being done when it really isn't. Safeguard has been around for a while, and I have a feeling that they can catch on when someone is not performing their duties as described. Not to mention that a contractor like me will come along and report it when someone winterizes a home, but leaves all the fixtures filthy with grit and antifreeze. Secondly, there is an element of extra effort which must be undertaken by a contractor to follow up with Safeguard concerning payment for jobs done. The system in place is not without faults, and as I am currently (as in today, right now) learning that one must keep very close track of invoices to ensure timely and correct payment. This is not entirely unacceptable. Any good contractor spends the other half of their day following up on things, so it should be expected that if you aren't on top of things, they go wrong. While measures could probably be undertaken to ahem, safeguard, against these types of breakdowns in the payables section it is undoubtedly the responsibility of the contractor to be sure you are getting paid. And for those of you who DO neither options one or two and are still not being paid, well then I guess all I can say is that, "it is what it is". No system is perfect, and I am ready to deal with it when, but hopefully only if, it happens to me.
    Things now however are still moving along nicely with a few hiccups on the way. The level of communication with Safeguard at many different levels has been most encouraging. As of yet there has not been an issue that I have been unable to have addressed. Everything has been handled in a professional way, with correspondence all along the way to the results. Considering Safeguard's rapid growth, the level of issues is also not entirely unacceptable. Though that's not to say there are not some contractors who may very well have some excellent ideas as to how to help Safeguard with these very issues. One of the big lessons I learned on my way was that nobody, irregardless of place in this world, is without the means to have a great idea. With so many people within their own organization, and the contractors working for them there is no way Safeguard cannot continue to be a leader in this industry, should there only be ears and minds which are open and flexible. Which it just so happens is what the situation demands of all of us.

    As a quick answer to those who would say I am a direct employee of Safeguard, I am not. I however understand how easy it is to complain, but how very essential it is for those whose experience is positive to speak up. And once again for those who have lost their homes and had their lives so drastically affected; There are those of us who care and understand. Do not lose all hope, and by no means do not lose faith in your fellow man. After all, we are all we have in then end.

  • Al
      30th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes


    I would like to say to you, Safeguard will be nice to you, they will work with you...they need you to do the work..until they have you roped in and all hell will eventually break loose. It is a good start-up company in the field service industry..all they want is for you to do the work and they are getting paid. In essence, you are not making any money off of a three to five dollar report. But being new to the industry as you are gives you the sense of ahhh I hit the jackpot, I felt the same way..but you really have not. The more you work for them and they keep increasing requirements as to what needs to be done and not the'll start to understand why contractors who have been with them a while are complaining. Trust they are more companies they pay more and are not making their profits of the skin of your back..Safeguard does. Right now I'm sure you are just happy you have a client!!! God Bless you, and may you take heed to the advise that has been given to you about this company..because one day the "Safeguard Bomb is going to get you as well.

  • Hu
      11th of Nov, 2011
    +3 Votes

    I too am a new vendor and have only invested a small amount so far. I have read the complaints online and am thinking seriously about running away as fast as I can. First of all the MLS Supply thing. I had a FEELING it was owned by the same person as Safeguard, hence, the u have to have this amount of locks to begin and order them from MFS. In short, I don't know what to do now. I don't have the money to lose any. If this company is this bad, why is it being allowed to continue? HELP PLEASE

  • Rn
      21st of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    You don't have to buy your locks from MFS. There are other companies if you look online. FOR MI vendors, we are eviction state, you don't bid to store or remove personals!! I don't care what SG or their "client" says, you walk away. I'm getting tired of correcting this on my web updates. For you newbies, when you get charged $2500 for a roof repair that you never saw a problem with on your initial because it was snow covered and the ceiling looked fine, you won't be so gun ho. It wasn't even reported by anyone until I went back for a convey check 7 months later, even though 2 sign in sheets were full. They just had someone fix it after I reported and held my check, called me after the fact. I was told that's what you have insurance for make a claim. Which my insurance denied-they are on my insurance they should've made the claim. Maybe you like being charged back $ 3000 for a debris removal because the ground was snow covered and even though you reported that (2 times) when you did the job, in the spring there was still 2 cyds of debris in the yard when someone else went to property. Last week here in MI one of the cities is sueing fannie or freddie. What will happen they will call the preservation company who will call the vendor. The bank will say basically I'm not sure we hired it out. They pay the suit then bill preservation company then the preservation co. will bill you! Even though they never told you when the court date was for the lawsuit so you could defend yourself. Not me but another contractor $8000 just last yr. Even though he told them everything he did at property, nothing about it was in the court transcript. They also told him that they tried to make a claim but his insurance didn't have them listed. His agent said they were listed and never tried to make a claim. I work for a few companies and I've never been charged back a whole job! Maybe 10 or 20 bucks for not date stamping or forgetting a pic. Which happens since they all have different requirements but not as ridicuous as SG. "Read the work order", it wasn't on the work order well you should've just done it. (In hopes you get paid for it) VENDOR DISCOUNT, none of my other ones take a chunk like that. What is our discount paying for?

  • Rn
      21st of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    They also have you doing things that should be done by a liscensed contractor, when you argue with them about it they just say do we need to sever our ties with you because that is company policy? I'm not a roofer, a plumber, a electrician, or a construction contractor so don't ask me to give you a bid.

  • Zz
      1st of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Well, I'm back. I am zzzelda, and I commented previously how I had not as yet had problems with Safeguard. Annnnd ta-da! I am now just about to quit.

    The good points: They pay on time.

    The bad points:Here are a few examples...

    1. We were assigned a dewinterization. We are authorized on our work order to perform up to $500 in repairs to make the property hold pressure. We did one repair. As a result, the pressure built up to the point where we could hear that a valve was leaking farther away from the compressor. That was a complicated fix that would have put us over the $500, so we had to stop. Safeguard issued a chargeback saying that we should not have performed any repairs at all. Essentially we are supposed to find every single leak in the entire property- including those in the wall, and fix them all for less that the allowable, or don't fix anything because we won't get paid.

    2. We performed a repair that caused a property to hold pressure for a dewinterization. Safeguard decided that it would pay half of our invoice. Unfortunately, after the cost of the items used to do the repair, we are making $2. I have appealed this, and the response was that I should have bid the item. However, our work order states that we are supposed to use up to $500 to do plumbing fixes (our bill was $300). If I do a bid for less than $500, I just get sent back to the property because the job is not complete, and I get dinged on my score card.

    3. We did a bid at a property for 589 cubic yards of debris. Safeguard changed our bid before they submitted it to 394 cubic yards. It came back approved at the 394. We asked for a re-review. They like to support each other so the second review came back at 394 cubic yards also. They tried to get us to just go ahead and remove the debris, and use our load photos to show it was more than 394 cubic yards & said they would re-review it then. We did not, because we had just experienced the below:

    4. We did a trashout that was 69 cubic yards. We had VERY careful load photos, showing 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, measurements of the van, etc. We were meticulous. They came back and said it was 53 cubic yards. All of our photos and PROOF that there were 69 cubic yards of debris were ignored. They implemented this new load photo program saying that it would be more precise. However they are cutting our payment despite clear evidence that supports our cubic yard count. There's $559 I'm not making, and I got to haul off that debris and pay dump fees without compensation.

    5. Our work order instructions were to quality check a winterization. We did a pressure test (on 4 properties), to blow out the lines & make sure there's no water inside. Safeguard comes back & says they aren't paying for them. Now, there is no way for us know know if a winterization is intact unless we blow the lines. The vendor website asks us if the winterization is intact. If we say yes, then we are held liable for any damages that occur if the winterization is not, in fact, intact. I appealed this decision. I lost. We're not getting paid. I sent it in to the email address they say is to be used to appeal to the next level. In the past 1.5 yrs I have never once received an email back from that address- not even a negative response. It is, essentially, a trash can.

    6. And one more for good measure. We provided a bid for 167 cubic yards. Safeguard came back & told us our bid was approved for 82 cubic yards. Let me just say that MOST of our jobs do not get reduced, so we're not that bad at calculating cubic yardage. I told them that I needed a re-review. They came back & told me that they would do ONE re-review, and that would be final. And that whatever that number came back as, I would HAVE to do it for that amount. Well, last time I checked, I was not an employee, and a bid was a bid. They re-reviewed at 93 cubic yards. The amount that I show on my load photos, which will be WELL above 93 cubic yards, will make no difference (we're usually pretty close, sometimes even low on our cyd counts). They like to tell me that I am the only vendor they have in the 3 state area who has this problem. Ha!

    All of the above (and more!) has happened in just the last week! It is incredible! Our subs are working for free or very little, and I feel so bad! But at the same time, I feel worse about quitting Safeguard (pardon me, sneaking away because if they know you are leaving they will make you pay for your sins), because so many people depend on us. We've applied for work with other companies. So far nothing.

    And the best part? We are now required to use their preferred insurance providers, no matter how much more expensive they are. That is illegal in some states. Not sure yet if it is illegal in mine. I carry the required insurance and have never had a claim. I should not be required to change to a preferred provider.

    For other vendors: try us hardware supply for your locks. A good alternative to mfs supply.

  • Rn
      1st of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    TOLD YOU SO! You get paid for wint checks? P&P doesn't even if we have to refresh. We don't get paid if we do a convey check and have to submit bids or to go and do any bids. Especially when the problem has been there and previous contractor never reported. We did a 1 cyd debris removal today but thrown in on the order it says to check the wint. Are they paying for the extra time and supplies that took, heck no. We did a rewint because it wasn't intact and orer said to use exhibit B if needed. They came back said they can't pay me cause it was all ready done once. They also told us to remove meters, I told them it was city property and we can't do it. They told me that's SG requirement. I said are you paying the fine? So emailed a few of the cities we service and forwarded the responses to SG. They played stupid, oh I guess we'll add that to the list. Another contractor bid 45cyds four months ago they reduced to 17cyds. This last month, sent them to do it . Contractor refused, sent another who removed 85cyds. They are trying to charge original contractor back for the difference. Who knows what got dropped off in 3mths time. They won't show them the pics either. I love it when I report something and then next time I go into web it's gone, like I never said a thing. They have reduced a few of my bids also, I am usually very close. I tell them they are incorrect and they say to late we all ready sent to client. Do you think the banks know half of what SG does to it's contractors or charges us for having the priviledge to work for them. Have you priced these new insurance companies? My insurance is coming up for renewal.
    I seriously think all of us contractors need to get together on this board and when there's enough find a lawyer and do a large suit.

  • Rn
      4th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Seriously, they want me drive 98 miles round trip at 15mpg(6.5 gallons of gas @ 3.59=$23.45), climb on a ladder to clean a 6' area of mold on a ceiling for $6.24 minus 25% disc.= $4.68 That doesn't include cleaning supplies. I bid it at $50 so I would at least break even if I did it myself.

  • Jo
      10th of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I am also a contractor for safeguard, who ever is trying to become a contractor for them, be aware that they are very very pushy, they have zillions of stupid steps in their procedures that make your cost much more higher than regular, finally they have specific personal that review all your report just to find any issue so they can fine you and reduce your payment.
    In conclusion, safeguard is engineered to de-capitalize your company, they keep reducing their payments and implementing new procedures that increase your cost significatively all the time.
    They said they deduct you 25% for any payment you earn from them, after more than 3 year as a safeguard contractor, I can tell that they received much more money from the jobs you do for them (just check Fannie Mae prices). They end up with more than 50% of all income you produce.
    In few words, they expect you to give them an A+ service but paid you a price that will not cover your fixed cost and 30% of the time not even your variable cost. If you capitalize your risk (ie insurance, liability) these figures are even worse for you.
    Do not work for safeguard, it is better to just give your money to a Non profit, at least you can deduct it from your taxes.

  • Rn
      11th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    I also checked on insurance from their brokers. 2 out of 3 want payment in full. The 3rd company will take 25%down then go on payment plan, I think that one was Brunswick. I recently reported debris frozen and snow covered that I couldn't remove the rest(which is how they told me to) and they wanted me to go back at cost to remove. Also, all ready removed 15cyds more than order said which they weren't paying for. "We can't charge the client anymore". They didn't have a problem charging me for 450 for removal from the other contractor they sent out, who also couldn't remove all the debris since it was frozen. From what I could see 9cyds was not removed and they won't show me pics of what the other guy removed either. No responses from any of my emails. This wasn't even my bid originally. So I was wondering if it was the other guys and they cut it then sent it to me. Then one of the reps told me "they don't cut your bids, it's the clients". Kind of strange when I get emails saying your bid was cut before sending to the client.

  • 79
      14th of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Thank you all for telling me about this vendor. They have contacted me to do work for them. We are a small business and cannot afford to absorb any costs from crooks. Last year we worked for a company that gave us the runaround, more pictures, sent us to properties that were occupied and by the time we added up everything we were making 12 cents an hour and then they did not pay us. So thank you all for letting me know I dodged a bullet.

  • Wo
      1st of Dec, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I work for Safeguard and another company. The other company is far better than Safeguard hands down. Some tasks do not pay as well, specifically mows, but I have invoices that are 6 months old with Safeguard and no one can tell me who I need to discuss this with. Yeah, in the last 2 weeks we have received $15, 000 in pay from them but there are over $8000 in unpaid invoices on our books that are more than 90 days old! Nearly every pay sheet has invoices paid for less than invoices. Most recently one of our guys went to do an emergency rush job, secure, mow, and condition report. Upon arrival the grass was over 36 inches tall and had debris scattered all over the yard, bricks, rocks, fence posts, you name it. We called from site to get approval for additional pay due to the condition of the property, oh did I mention there was a citation posted from the city due to the grass height? When I called them I was told to look at the work order as there was a $500 emergency allowable that could be used to cure violations. I called my guy back and told him to go rent a mower (so he would not tear his up) and we would bill them accordingly. After over 8 hours of mowing he made the place look great. We billed it at a little over $400 to cover the rental and 2 guys labor for the day (80 degrees and sunny that day). The total invoice for all work that day was around $600 after their 25%. They paid a little over $100 and they said the allowable for the lot was $75. and amazingly they do not recall our phone conversation as there is no POC to ok the work. Further more, we have been sent to 4 properties in the last 5 days to "do work per bid" and upon arrival the work is already done or did not need to be done in the first place. As stated by someone else, if you bid something at a property you do not even get the trip charge, which would be fine if you actually got the work. 95% of what we bid is given to another contractor. One of my subs called me the other day to complain because a roof job they bid was being done by someone else. After they blew off steam and calmed down I had to convince them that I had not sent someone else to do the work. Turns out that another safeguard contractor was indeed there doing the roof job under a "work per bid" order. I asked them how much they bid and they said they didn't bid it but they got the work order for $2500 less than we bid it at. I had them pull up the invoice on my laptop and we looked through the prior bids for the property and our bid was the ONLY one in there for that property. We were the only contractor ever at that house until they were sent. So my bid for $12500 was approved and safeguard sent these other contractors for $10, 000. My discount is 25%, this guys was 35%. So by sending this other guy they were able to pocket an additional $2800 profit for a grand total of $6000!

    As for the contractors, yes there are some crooked ones. I have seen them do everything from hiding debris to removing property illegally. As I said I work for more than one company so many times I will be assigned a property that was previously serviced by Safeguard. Once the property conveys to the new company all work from SG is supposed to cease. The contractors will still enter the property and remove items, including copper and metal items for scrap. Yes the contractors are actually vandalizing the homes once they know that they will not have to come back. If they are approached by a concerned neighbor they simply show them the work order that they are supposed to be there working and basically get by with breaking and entering. I now post signs when I am assigned a property previously serviced by SG warning them that they have no legal right to be on the property and that there are hidden cameras documenting their presence. If placed in the proper location trail cams used by hunters will capture photos not only of them but also their vehicles and license numbers. Why would I go to such measures? Number one, they are giving all contractors a bad name. I have been approached by people who dislike what I do for a living, photographed while on the job in effort to catch me doing something wrong, had the police called on me multiple times, been approached at gun point, etc all because a few dishonest contractors are ruining the reputation of honest guys such as myself.

    All I can say is if you work for SG keep your ducks in a row and be looking for other suppliers.

  • Im
      27th of May, 2013
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    For any of you who have been given the runaround by the police when you tried to file a complaint against Safeguard or its contractors. If you have been told Safeguard or the contractor was only doing its job and therefore as a contractor they were not responsible for looting your property. Remind the police that this is the Nuremberg Defense used by the Nazis after WWII to try to escape responsibility for the slaughter of over 16, 000, 000 people. ie, Jews, Catholics, Romas, other ethnics, as well as people they deemed to be mental defectives. Do Not Let Anyone Use That Defense! Everyone is responsible for their own actions, that includes sub-contractors. The Law applies equally to all. Demand the police and Prosecutors do their job. If they will not, apply directly to your state court to refer the matter to the Grand Jury.

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      6th of Jun, 2013
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    Safeguard is sucking the contractors dry until they cash and abandon the industry

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