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On November 7th, 2016, two men pulled alongside the curb, parked their unmarked car, got out and walked up to me as I was bringing my trashcans from the curb. I should have known right then and there to walk inside quickly and lock the door. They immediately started their spiel about their wonderful deal they had to offer me. They fast-talked me into allowing them to come into my home and sign up for this security system named Safeguard America that they were offering that would have a much cheaper monthly payment. To me, the company name sounded like the one advertised on the radio - Safe House – or something like that, and I mistakenly assumed that that was the security system they were selling.

I should have run into the house, slamming the door in their faces!!! I don’t know what was wrong with me that day. I usually am leery of people like that and usually would have said, “No, thanks!”

Anyway, stupid me saw the benefit of saving a little money and believed these 2 men had the answer. One of the men may have been named Trey with a cellphone number of [protected]. Honestly this good ‘ole boy talked so sweet and fast that my head wasn’t working correctly. I believe it was Trey that called my then present home alarm system Vivant, told Vivant that he was my son and was moving me, his mother, into his home in Georgia and that my house would then be empty and he wanted to cancel my contract with Vivant. I was stupid and allowed these 2 men to completely bamboozle me into cancelling Vivant and switching over to Safeguard. I thought I would be saving money. I thought that I’d be paying less than my then present payment of $42 with Vivant to a lesser payment with Safeguard. I was wrong. I now pay $53.49 a month which is automatically deducted from my checking account.

This type of salesmanship is completely wrong. I looked up the company online (after I'd signed the contract, unfortunately) and there are so many bad reviews that I am totally disgusted with myself for being naïve and vulnerable to these 2 men that sat in my house and convinced me that Safeguard would be so much cheaper. Do I feel safe? No. I feel a lot less safe. I feel that Safeguard America has too many bad reviews in Connecticut as well as Florida and other states. Everyone wants out of their contract. BUT!!! Even if they no longer can afford the monthly payment! - Even if they move, selling their home! – Even if a loved one dies or the family is transferred out of state, Safeguard won’t let them out of their contract.

I want out of my contract. 5 years is too long to have my checking account garnered.

Apr 01, 2017

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