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Bo Jan 07, 2015 Cromwell Review updated:

This is the second time I have had service problems with Safe Home Security and no one came out. This last situation was an emergency situation where the panel went completely dark, could not see anything and could not activate numbers or away or stay. I'm thinking the alarm was not activated. Once someone went in and out of door, alarm went out and we were unable to deactivate the alarm. Called Safe Home Security for Service Tech, told me they had no one to come out to service alarm. I had also called the day before which was New Year's Eve, Service Tech told me they would have someone call me the next day, I asked if office was open and the person said yes, I waited thinking someone would call not knowing there was a a real problem until someone actually opened the door around 5pm New Year's Day, having to get up to go to work at 4:00am

A Supervisor got on the phone, telling us to unplug the alarm, we kept telling him there was not a cord we could unplug and they insisted that there was and that he could not do anything for us. I informed him I would not get off the phone until this issues was resolved and he told me I was not cooperating.

Finally my son got on the phone and asked him if something could be done we could not go in and out of door with alarm going off, as I had informed him we had neighbors above me with a little kid three years old and that I had to leave for work at four am. He didn't seem to care cause there was nothing he could do.
He advised my son to unscrew several wires, which i do not have phone service, and as he was unscrewing the wires you could see fire popping. He also had me pulling out the battery trying to tell him what wires were leading to where and both of us sweating and my heart beating and both very nervous.
Finally got wires unscrewed and when I finally talked to someone, I refused to allow someone to come out because I', canceling service with Safe Home Security, they are now turning the situation back on me saying I'm refusing service. Yes, I am refusing service, who wouldn't?

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  • Ki
      Oct 31, 2008
    Safe Home Security - Automatic Renewal
    Safe Home Secutiy
    55 Sebethe Dr
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    They automaticly renewed my contract sent me papers after auto renewal. Wrote them and emailed and faxed to cancel, they refuse to cancell. The equipment is terrible I have called for service and had no fix to volume problems.

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  • Th
      May 23, 2009
    Safe Home Security - No Service
    Safe home Security
    United States

    Entered three year service agreement in 1999 with annual renewals after term. Equipment no longer works but they will not repair or replace it as required under contract. They now want over $300 to replace. In the meantime I have to pay a monthly bill on a system that is not working.

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  • Al
      May 26, 2009

    Alarm companies usually are not responsible for keeping YOUR alarm in working order unless you have signed up for an additional maintenance agreement.

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  • Mo
      Oct 06, 2011
    Safe Home Security - Service
    Safe Home Security
    United States

    I have been trying to get service and cancel my account. I sent a letter in August and emailed the company about six times. I tried to call and no one answered the phone. I met all the requirements for cancelling my contract but no one responds.

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  • Al
      Dec 14, 2011
    Safe Home Security - Scammers
    Safe Home Security
    United States

    After completing my 5 year contract obligation to Safe Home Security and faxing a letter to them to stop the service, it automatically re-enrolled me.

    I have been calling and threatening to add it to my credit.

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  • Ma
      Jan 25, 2016

    While I was hospitalized in Tampa VA my caregiver called me from her cell phone to let me know all the AT&T lines were not working. My alarm system is connected to them through the phone lines of AT&T. On their end, my system should have dropped off the radar and went blank. As far as they knew the lines could have been cut maliciously, a break in, or my home burned down. Nothing happened. We received no calls on the cell phone, no police or fire were dispatched to investigate-nothing. It turns out AT&T had dug up the phone lines and they were off for 20 days. A new company representative came to my home because he said that GE had bought out SHS so I let him install a new system. So once again when they disconnected my SHS system that should have shown a problem at my house nothing happened. Now I have to begin the process to cancel my agreement with SHS.

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