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I read the reviews and I did my homework, unfortunately it was AFTER I purchased my English bulldog Tyson from RPK in November. Interestingly enough every comment that I read had a little of my situation in it. Mrs. Cox story was eerily similar to my wife and I with a few differences. After reading all the complaints I too became a skeptic. I decided I had to dig deeper to see if I truly had a problem with RPK and not allow someone else to make that decision for me.

First things first, my mission in this email is not to complain or discredit anyone else experience, but I’m also not here to be the lead cheerleader for RPK. I’m only here as a first time English bulldog purchaser from RPK and a person that didn’t ask every question that I should have as an owner.

I have pulled out a few of the statements that were made in a few of the complaints and did a little research to see if any of the statements made had any validity (IN MY OPINION).

1. Is it uncommon to not let people tour a breeders’ facility? No it’s not uncommon. After speaking to several AKC certified kennels many have said that they don’t allow people to tour the entire facility based on what could be potentially tracked from outside onto their grounds/space. Also, not knowing what people’s ulterior motives are, and finally it’s simply their business.
2. “The AKC paper work wasn’t authentic or real”.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Phoenix, AZ I have owned a very high profile American bulldog and I know what real AKC paper work look like and after digging into our packet we found our AKC papers and called AKC and verified our dogs microchip number, registration number, authenticity of the paper work and everything checked out fine and not only that we realized that was only had limited registration not full registration and after talking to AKC they gave us guidance on what to do to obtain full and we did, but keep in mind that was my situation. (Go to to be educated on what full registration and limited registration mean).
3. “RPK is a puppy mill”. In my own personal experience dealing with them we asked a couple of questions in reference to our puppy and some were answered and some weren’t. Example, can we see the parents? Can we at least see photos of the parents? The questions weren’t clearly answered but either way we didn’t see the parents or a photo. But while over looking our paperwork we realized that Sandy and Cindy WERE NOT the actual breeders of our dog! So we Google the name of the breeder and emailed them and asked if they were the persons we were looking for and they emailed back and confirmed. So we came to the conclusion that RPK are actual breeders, but when they don’t have a litter available they buy puppies from other breeders and add there own tax on the backend to make money… Are they a puppy mill NO! English and French bulldog broker? Yes I think so. Most breeders have a long dry period between litters and sometimes being a middleman is an option to generate revenue… business is business.
4. Do I think Cindy and Sandy are con artist, rip-off artist or purposely trying to scam people trying to buy an English/French bulldogs? No… Did either of them earn a master in business from MIT, probably not and not many people have so some problems can and will happen. They are a small business period.

I don’t want to sound cliché, but all I can say is do your homework BEFORE you buy your English/French bulldog from anyone. If you were scared off by all the complaints against Cindy and Sandy… find another breeder. But if you are the kind of person that like to be a judge for yourself, go check them out… just make sure you walk in the door educated and have your list of question ready to ask.

Royal Puppy Kennel
Royal Puppy Kennel

Feb 11, 2015
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  • Ka
      Oct 15, 2016

    I recently purchased a English bull dog pup from Royal Puppy Kennel and found Sandy and Cindy are great to work with. They are very upfront and honest in reference to the breeders she works with when they do not have puppies available. I was told upfront that the breeder was in Oklahoma and my pup would have to be transported to Arizona. He arrived safe and sound healthy with temp AKC papers and Micro chip. This all standard as the owners are required to complete to paperwork. They do breed but also work with long time friends and other we'll know breeders. Don't be fooled by some of the negative correspondence you are reading as was explained to me that this is more along the lines of the same person having people post negative.comments about RPK. All I can say is see for yourself ! I plan to purchase another bully pup from RPK hopefully with their spring litter. My pup has been with me now for 3 weeks he is 3' 1/2 month old and we start puppy training in 2 weeks.

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