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October 29, 2016

ref.: Torchiere Lamp 71" - Oiled Bronze

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When we were in Edmonton, we bought light fixture for our home. Usually we always buy from our local store here in
Fort McMurray if possible.
We wanted a floor lamp, identical to the one we bought several months earlier from Rona Fort McMurray. We therefore stop a
Rona Edmonton to check if there were in stock. As the price display was lower than what we'd check from RONA Fort McMurray,
we decide to buy immediately (thinking it was on sale) and bought other product need for the house.
Back at the house, when we open the box of the lamp, we see that's was defective; Manufacturer default, not the store.
So I return to Rona Fort McMurray.
I had to show the cashier the defective lamp, she grab another one, open the box and find that it was okay.
Invoice in hand, she found out that I had bought it less than 24 hours before and told her was from another Rona store.
To my amazement, when she check the price, there was a $24 difference. The regular price sold by Rona Fort McMurray
is $143.00.
She offer me to exchange the lamp if I paid the difference. Of course, I refuse.
She then call her manager, a lady came and told me the price for the lamp is $143.00 not less, this is their price and that's the
price I will have to pay if I want another one. She will refund me the one that is defective and I will have to pay their price to have
another lamp otherwise I have to buy it elsewhere, being arrogant.
Discouraged by the customer service manager of Rona Fort McMurray and since the lamp was defective and unusable, I simply
let the lamp and the cashier refund me but not at the price displayed in their store.
Back home, I check prices online from other RONA store in Edmonton and Grand Prairie. Their price is the same $119.00 for the
exact same product.
So I compare all my purchases I did at Rona that day and found out that I save $71.40 for my home improvement project.
THE Rona Fort McMurray wants us to paid more money for their profit.
This is not a few dollar difference but a lot more for each single product. Especially for home renovation and decoration.
So if you do your home improvement yourself because you can afford someone else to do that, but you do not have the choice
to buy what you need to achieve your project, check twice before giving your money to your local store Rona in Fort McMurray.
Only Rona *Fort McMurray* raise their prices of most of their products, especially for home improvement. They don't care of their
Policies and Privacy and Price Guarantees, if it is not to their advantage. We have made major improvements over the year to our
house and buy a lot at that store. As a resident of Fort McMurray for many years, I find unacceptable that a large retailer like
RONA Home Improvement can benefit from this point of the economic and geographical vulnerability of local residents of a city
located in the north.

I request that floor lamp for the same price of the other lamp and advise people that their price is higher then other Rona store.

Photos and proof will be proved upon request.

Nov 02, 2016

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