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The company is unprofessional and care less about potential clients. At Robert Half Legal, Chicago IL - They're always smiling and very friendly when they call u to "claim" to have an assignment for you. Robert Half Legal place bogus advertisements daily for jobs they really don't have - just to get you in the door. They're racists and give all the best paying jobs temp or perm to mostly Caucasians people only. You have to call the agency daily over and over to only be allowed to speak to their very rude receptionists and (he or she will) decide if they want to transfer the call to the you request to speak to. The receptionists will hang up on you also. The recruiters will not talk to you unless that can make a commission on you - then they're very friendly and pretend to be concerned about you. I strongly hate Robert Half Legal because they're phony and uncaring about individuals who really need a job, Robert Half Legal is only concerned about commissions and not a prospective candidate for a temporary or permanent position. They're very unconcerned, dirty, cruel and nasty people. As I said earlier, I strongly strongly hate Robert Half Legal !!! And, hope and pray their business goes out of business soon - so that the recruiters can see what it feels like to be unemployed and then treated like a dog due to racism and unprofessional on their part. Please don't apply for a temp or permanent job to Robert Half Legal you would be sadly disappointed! Trust me! I would not recommend this agency to a dog for a job!

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  • Ci
      25th of Apr, 2012

    The Complaint should have read: Robert Half Legal, Chicago, Illinois Complaints & Reviews - Unprofessional and Bogus Job Advertisements
    Unprofessional and Bogus Job Advertisements Posted on the Internet

    I agree I hate Robert Half Legal also!

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  • To
      12th of Jun, 2014

    Terrible service

    I truly believe I was discriminated by Robert Half because if my length of unemployment and age. I had been caught up in the massive business layoffs in 2010 and had a very hard time finding another job even with a career. For 2 years Robert half couldn't even place me in a temporary position, even with my 20.yrs. of experience. I had another coworker with the same amount of experience and noticed she was easily placed (twice). They would call every blue moon with a temp position for an entry level ($9.00/hr. for 20 years experience, really I have bills to pay!). I would not recommend Robert half legal to anyone. They have the professional approach but don't seem to go the extra mile, caused me a lot of emotional distress with false ads and promises during a rough time.

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  • Re
      15th of Jul, 2014

    Be aware this company is very unethical. They practice discriminatory behavior. They low ball the contract rate and the salary. They don't provide job interviews. I don't know how they stay in business. Someone should report them to the Feds as a fraud company.

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  • Tr
      15th of Jul, 2014

    wait! if someone should report them to the feds, why not you? instead of just complaining.

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  • Do
      16th of Jul, 2014

    Jilted lover?

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