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Riverbend Movers / Movers-overcharge and wont return calls or emails

1 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Review updated:

This is a horrible horrible company that completely and totally ruined what should have been a happy day of moving into my new home. first they do most communication on email, they said they would call me with their time of arrival a few days prior which they didnt and I was panicking as to when my movers were coming. When they did arrive my husband had to help them move the items and they refused to take others-they refused to take my baby's exersaucer for christ's sake but had no problem taking a very large box full of baby bedding which weighed a little more than a pillow. they also didnt take any of the tv's including one that was still in the box-did I mention it was a walt disney princess tv set that weighs less than my baby! To boot it took them over an hour to get to my house which is only 20mins away max if you hit all the lights and have crazy traffic. however my husband packed a load in our suv and was at our house and unpacked the load before they even showed up which ended up being over an hour and half later. they unloaded in less than 20 mins after finishing their coffees and cigarettes of course then demanded payment before leaving for a half a day's work-300+ dollars. when I phoned the contact guy wayne twice-HE NEVER CALLED BACK OR RETURNED ANY EMAILS. I have reported them-IF YOU ARE MOVING DO NOT USE THEM, THEY EVEN OFFER A DISCOUNT THROUGH A CENTURY 21 BROKER-THEY ARE PRETTY MUCH CROOKS. GET SOMEONE ELSE!!! AND ENJOY YOUR NEW HOME WITH PEACE OF MIND!!

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  • Ri
      22nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am sorry that she feels that way. This complaint that she made is because she is cheap. She does not believe in guys who work hard should be allowed to take a coffee break. She also made a complaint to the B.B.B. that the B.B.B. ruled in my favor. I never replied to her emails because they were just rambling on that I believe came from an unstable person. Aneesa, next time you are at work, tell your boss you no longer take coffee breaks.

  • Ja
      5th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    It's been my experience, that many moving companies in Winnipeg are shysters and ###. Some are wonderful; some are thieves.

    I won a judgement from a local moving company (now out of business) years back when they smashed a bunch of my antique china and even tried to say that the original owner had sold out and that the "new" owner would not honour the judgement. This was all a lie of course, and after a, "You have 48 hours to pay the money" call from my lawyer/friend, I had a cheque in my hand. It cleared.

    My problem with them was, I had told them beforehand that I had some valuable antique china and IF they had a problem moving it, I would do it myself. They responded with, "No problem...we are insured for this sort of thing". And after inspecting my packaging of the antiques, they happily moved them. One box looked like it had been heaved off of the top of the 5-ton. The contents destroyed beyond repair.

    The head guy was extremly rude to my then wife - denying responsibility, but when I phoned him, he changed attitudes. He assured me that they would have no problem settling up, but then NEVER returned calls or inquiries.

    It took 5 months of fighting, but they paid. And they paid GOOD!

  • St
      18th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was a little nervous about moving with Riverbend Movers after reading these complaints. I'm glad I did not cancel their services because my experience was very positive. The movers were very polite, arrived on time and were very very efficient. It actually cost me less then I expected. I received an email on Friday to let me know the ETA would be between 8h30 and 9h00 on Monday and they actually arrived early, at 8h20. They moved everything I had requested and delivered them without any damages. I’ve had my share of moves and must say, I highly recommend this moving company. Stephanie P.

  • Gr
      21st of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had no issues either. I used riverbend for moving from ft richmond to North kildonan. The team they sent me was two adults and one of their kids. they worked efficently and by the end of the day it was pouring rain. The poor kid fell down a couple times on the ramp. but nothing got damaged i was impressed with the service. The only downside was that it ended up on the high range of the quote. but couldnt expect the delays the rain made... but i would definatly use them again

    thanks guys

  • Te
      14th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I used Riverbend for a move from Selkirk, Manitoba to Winnipeg with an extra drop off at another address in the city. The team of three movers looked young but that may be because I am getting older and everyone looks younger. They knew what they were doing, moved every item in no time at all, were very curteous, and unloaded with no damage. I was very impressed and would use them or recommend them in a heartbeat. Not cheap but feel that I received the best possible value for my money!

  • Ti
      3rd of Jul, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Although the movers from Riverbend were good guys - I do not fault them for being tired and having a harder time on a hot day, but unfortunately they were late, and also took 4 hours longer than expected and probably would have taken longer without our help both loading and unloading items.

    The guys moving were good at their job, but the move really should have taken half the time it did. In the end, there should have been a further discount for the amount of effort made to HELP them move. The movers had worked hard, but I feel that if we had went with another company it would have been much faster and would not have needed additional help to lessen the amount of time to move.

  • Ti
      8th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Do not use this company. They were late, and took an inordinate amount of time to move WITH help from us. They were unreasonable after we approached them about the situation.

  • Ad
      5th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    NEVER EVER GO with this mover. They are basically thieves. They showed up late at my place and ruined my plan for cleaning the apartment before going through a walk through with the owner. Then they charged 1.5 h for travel time from their office to my old place while it was just 5 min away. Upon moving in to my brand new house, they walked on the carpet with shoes on and then they used some pads upon my request. It was a horrible experience!!! They are cheaper than other movers in Wpeg but they over charge you twice.

  • Dm
      4th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I also had a TERRIBLE experience with Riverbend Movers. We had moved our belongings previously (6 months prior) while we waited for our new place to be ready. The initial move took only 3 hours. This recent move took from 8:30 to 6:15 with a lengthy 3 hour break in between and it still cost us over $700!!! Furthermore, we had 3 people helping them unload our stuff. I will ensure that I tell everybody I know NEVER to do business with this company!!

  • Da
      21st of Jun, 2012
    -1 Votes

    This company has no respect for ones property.

    Our neighbors behind us hired this company as their movers.

    This company parked their truck on our property (grass) and caused damage to our lawn.
    It had been raining for two days, thus resulting in large ruts in our lawn.

    I have taken pictures of the truck on our lawn; the damaged it had caused.

    Our neighbors and the moving company have no idea someone was home at our house during this; they didn’t even notice me taking pictures.


  • Wp
      18th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    You complainers make me sick! I have worked for several moving companies (none being Riverbend) and i will tell you the service with movers in this city is hit and miss. Moving is a stressful time, movers get it, but that doesn't give you the right to bash the company's reputation because you are an anal p@*%! Give it a rest already. 5 mins away and they charged you 1.5 hours travel to get there?? You are a joke. Who is going to believe your over embellishing? I like what the boss said at the top, go ahead people tell your bosses you no longer take coffee breaks. HA! Oh yeah, you complainers must keep in mind that you are hiring professionals, I know you think us movers are not even humans but the truth is that most of us actually like our job because we are good at it and we are happy with what we do. So the next time you hire a moving company put your stopwatches away, get your poking sticks out of your ###, realize these guys have families and feelings and maybe offer the guys a drink of water on a hot day or a coffee on a cold one. Let them have a break or two because us movers bust our ### with little recognition from our customers who we treat with respect and patience.

  • Dh
      1st of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    Pay attention to all of the complaints against the company because the horrible service is true. DO NOT use "Riverbend Movers".

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