Riverbend Movers / watch out for their hidden fees

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I should have read these complaints before calling these people!
After giving me an invoice for $157.50 (which I totally agreed with) for helping me load a U-haul truck, one of the guys said with a cocky attitude that I needed to pay for their travel time. In awe I replied that they NEVER mentioned this fee to me, not when I made the reservation on the phone, not when the guys arrived 1/2 earlier, just never until the job was done! So much for transparency!
Then, when I got my credit card statement, the transaction was for $236.25 instead of $157.50. Thank God I paid using a credit card. I plan to dispute this charge through my bank. I have the invoice that clearly says 157.50 and on the back, under "Terms and Conditions" there's absolutely no mention of travel time. Their website doesn't mention that either, it's just their address and phone number. No links whatsoever to "terms and conditions." After the facts I did some google search and found they have a page on U-haul where it says: "Outside the Winnipeg perimeter, travel time is charged." Well, I lived right downtown Winnipeg. That doesn't apply to me either!
What a shame because they did such a great job! But I don't think I have to pay for their lack of communication.


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