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Two years after I sold my car it was towed. The towing company sold the bill to Rickenbacker Group for Collections. Despite the fact that I filed all appropriate documents in the state I sold the car (TX) and have a letter from TX DOT stating I am not responsible for charges, Rickenbacker Group continues to harass me for payment and have dinged my credit. This is fraud.


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      Jul 24, 2010

    i work there.. it is all a scam... to credit report, we must have validation of the debt... we dont.. we dont get the info from the dmv.. we get it 3rd hand.. whoever the tow company sends to us.. we dont verify, we dont call the dmv, we just send out a letter and put it on their credit report. im superised our doors are still is illegal. we only report on experian for the tow accounts because experian is in kahoots with us. the other 2 wont let us place it on their report because they know it is illegal. also we say you didnt release the car out of your name, well how do we know? we dont.. most of the time the person might have re registered the car in their name(you can get the vehicle history report at the dmv) and sometimes we will tell you, "you did not release the car yourself" or"im showing here that it was in your name".. its a lie. if you sent in the release of liability, i gaurentee you the dmv has it, why we dont have it is because, again, WE DID NOT GET ANYTHIng from the dmv. also, even if he car gets towed and you did not submit the release of liability and the person did not get the vehicle re registered, you can still go to dmv and submit the release of liability with the date you sold it, and they willaccept it! heres the kicker, dmv will accept it and update their records, even give you a stamped copy of acceptance, but we wont accept it, why, do our decisions superceed those of the dmv, its not even up to the dmv, the dmv will tell you youre not responsibl e and not to pay it.. the decision is up to the tow company, our decisions to bill someone is based on the information we got from good ol earl down at the tow yard sometimes scribbled on a towbill. it doesnt make sense to even us.. and we collect 500-900 thousand dollars a month from you idiots
    also the tow company never sends the letters "certified" to the right address.and if they do, i bet its your address you lived at when you owned the car 3 years ago, not your current address that the dmvand post office have listed..(how convenient) where the hell does the tow company their info((not the dmv either, , , , LOL).they use a mom and pop lein service, or just get the old reg in the glove box... if the car was re registered, the last owner will appear as "interested party" AND WE WILL BILL BOTH, or in most cases, just the interesed party because they were the one selling that old car, not the one buying it..freakin a huh..pretty heavy stuff i know. ask for that, ask for the proof of validation of the debt, ask where we got the info, ask us to prove it----------- your best bet is to go directly to the tow company, tell them youve talked to dmv and your not responsible tell them we called you or sent you a letter and you will sue their [censor]ing [censor] if they do not remove your name from collections, tell them you will hire a lawyer, contact the BBB, attorney general, and that what they have done by submitting your info is illegal... they migh tell yo to call us, but hell no dont, let them know they are the origional creditor that provided the info and to remove their claim now! they will.. dont even deal with us.
    no where does it say we can just bill anyone, so how do we continue to do this..also if you paid us, call your credit card company and dispute te charge and get your money back, , smart people do it all the time..

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      Mar 30, 2011

    Breaking news!! Rickenbacker is closing their doors and ordered by the district attorney of Santa Clara to withdrawal all negative credit reporting. To be added to the list of people wanting to have their credit report cleared contact the Santa Clara Consumer Protection Department at [protected], ask for Cory Finnegan.

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