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Rhapsody Book club, part of the DoubleDay book club and others like Science Fiction Book Club, offer a service (a third party service through their club) called Book Search Plus. The first complaint is that nothing you purchase through Book Search Plus can be used to fulfill membership agreements (buy so many books to fulfill your membership). Second, books purchased through them will not count for offers like buy two get one free. Third complaint about Book Search Plus; you can not use the 'Bill Me' option. You have to pay up front with a credit/debit card. And they DO NOT bill you till they ship the book. So if you are using a debit card, you absolutely must make sure you have the money in the bank till they actually send the book, or you might overdraw. My biggest complaint about Book Search Plus; you can not get any information through the club about this service. How to contact them to find out when you will get your book. When they will charge your credit/debit card. Nothing. The book club should have some contact information available. But they do not. They absolve themselves of any liability or repsonsibility when you purchase a book through Book Search Plus. It doesn't matter to them that you are purchasing the book through their book club. To them, it is a third-party service, so they don't have to be responsible. AT ALL. I ordered a book over two weeks ago through Book Search Plus. I had ordered one once before and got it no problem. This time, it seems to be on permanent backorder. Since I can not get in touch directly with the Book Search Plus company (I tried the email address on the packing slip with my last book, but it came back as undeliverable), I have to get in touch with my Rhapsody Book club and hope they can help. They can't. They aren't responsible for that company. So now this company (that I can't even find out anything about online, even if it's real and exists) has my credit card information. And I have no idea when or if I will ever get my book. This is not how a company should be run. The book club itself should be responsible. They should at least provide some contact information to their customers so if there is a problem someone can do something about it. But no. Nothing.

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  • Lo
      Oct 22, 2010

    I just received a book from them. Here is there phone number and address.


    Booksearch Plus- CDF
    201 Ingrim Drive
    Roseburg OR. 97471-7153

    Might I suggest getting with your CC company and see if they have a way to contact this company if you don't get anywhere. Let them know you paid for this book and have not received it. Good luck!


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  • Ap
      Jul 26, 2013

    I have received books from them in the past and they make it very difficult to speak to any customer service. In fact the number on the panflet actually is to Columbia house DVD service center.888-954-2665(book). They obviously do not want to be bothered with any calls.


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  • Ja
      Mar 14, 2014

    Account #043097367---- I don't for one moment believe you did not receive my Email dated
    3/13/14 .For months you have been giving me the run around .WHY? We are both losing out
    I am not able to purchase books and you are missing out on the money that I send on them.
    As I have repeated time and again When you supposedly re-vamped your system you deleted
    my account .It was your mistake and it is up to you to reinstate me as a member, unless there
    is a reason you want me out of the club . If that is the case I am entitled to an explanation !

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  • Ja
      Mar 14, 2014

    Account # 043097367 I have already posted my complaint . Does anyone at Rhapsody know
    how to read an Email.?

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