Reverbnationthese scammers stole my money!

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I am hiring a lawyer because I have no other idea how to get my money back! Reverbnation is an absolute scam and rip off, do not use them or else you will lose your money. I was signed up for their service and was supposed to be charged every month. I knew about that. But, for some reason they charged me every week. At the beginning I did not notice that and wasn't aware that they were stealing from me, but when I realized that something was wrong and found out what was going on I was shocked!! I tried to deal with them about this matter in a peaceful way but it seems that they don't understand when you speak with them nicely. I will do everything to shut down their business and get my money back!

Jan 27, 2017
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  • Jo
      Jul 02, 2017

    i have been ripped of too... i am to pissed i am on disability and they took my monies.. i will join your crusade...

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  • Ph
      Sep 26, 2017

    ReverbNation & how to skin small musicians

    So let me state some facts here about my terrible experience with ReverbNation. Solely to raise awareness about these activities.

    1. From the moment I had become a member, ReverbNation urged me to try to promote my music by using their tools and features. Naturally they only highlight the 3 day free trial and hide the small letters and conditions. A lot of companies do this, but still, there are limits to these shady ways of promoting. Let me explain:

    2. At first I was cautious about using my credit card, but what the heck. Whats the worst that can happen? Its a LEGAL platform and surely theyll have the decency to ASK ME if I would like to continue with a paying premium plan and clearly mention how much I would be paying. One would think that, right?

    3. Well, they dont! After the 3 day trial (I DID NOT GET ANY NOTIFICATIONS about payments) Reverberation started using my credit card details to take 70 DOLLARS EACH WEEK for something I presumably had signed up for. Fortunately I saw this when I received my bill from my MasterCard. Unfortunately, by then, ReverbNation had already taken 450 DOLLARS (!!) of my bank account without my permission or without even giving me the option to continue or cancel, which is usually standard procedure with online payments. Even your laptop asks you if you are sure you want to continue or cancel every time you click on something (I mean, come on!)

    4. When I addressed customer support with this misunderstanding, I was expecting some support (hence the name customer support) in this matter and hopefully some refunding, because I didnt even use these so called services I paid for. But no, over 3 times I received a standard reply referring to some small letters in a multi-paged agreement/disclaimer. Sorry, Im lying, I did get a refund offer of 19, 95 eur (of 450 dollars) for some reason.

    5. Well there you go people. Thats whats wrong in todays society. Soul -and heartless companies that thrive on the backs of hard working people. Providing a dishonest service that highlights the join us! it's free!, under cover of legal loopholes to ensure they get their money, with or without your permission. I think this is the exact definition of RACKETEERING (which is illegal by the way).

    ReverbNation, I hope you enjoy my money the way I would have enjoyed it.

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