Rescue Rooter / Totally unethical waaaay overcharged

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I wished I would have seen the many complaints for Rescue Rooter about overcharging people before calling them. We were having a problem with water backing up in our basement. We called Rescue Rooter, they came out and said the pipes in the basement floor were rotted and needed to be replaced and said it would be $9, 200 for the work, unfortunately we signed a contract before getting another bid. Before they began the work my father in law who is a General Contractor found out and had his plumber come look at the job, his plumber said he would do the job for $800. We talked to the manager at Rescue Rooter and ask him if we could pay them for their time and get out of the contract. He was VERY rude, screamed and yelled at us and would not back down. They did the work; which we were not happy with. They had to pull up our carpet, which they did not do carefully, they ripped it right up the middle and we had to pay a carpet installer and extra $160 to repair the torn carpet. They left 4 big holes/scratches on our walls and left a big mess that we had to clean up. we feel that for $9, 200 they should have been more careful with our walls and carpet and done perfect work since they were 10 times higher than our second bid. We will NEVER use Rescue Rooter again. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy, they totally take advantage of people and do not care. Please do not use them, you will regret it.

Nov 02, 2016

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