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I have never posted such complaint on internet as I felt it would never justify my time to do it. But this time, I feel i do have the obligation to tell everyone to stay away this company.

I had none-urgent issue on shower fiversion valve. I called their office. the receptionist was very nice and she confirmed that the trip to the property was free and I woudl have no obligation to use them after they gave me the quote.

They did send a guy very quickly to the property. He took the part out and I told him it was O-ring problem and they needed to be replaced per my research on the internet. He agreed by seeing the part. Then to my big surprise, he didn't have the o-rings on his truck -- can anyone believe a plumber doesn't have such very basic parts with him? Then he said he would need to go back to the company warehouse to get them. Afte rmore than an hour, he cam eback and said the warehouse was closed -- can anyone believe he even didn't know the time the warehouse would close? So he installed the part back so the people could still use it that evening.

Following day, he came back and got the part out and eventually fixed it. Then he gave me a price at $220+. I said this was too much. I asked to talk to his supervisor. That guy's attitude was horrible by saying I was the type of customer they didn't want to deal with and thretened me by saying if I wanted to pay or not. I said I felt this was not a fair price as I would not know if this was his own pricing or their company's. And the important part was they never gave me the quote/estimate before working on the job.

When I called their office. The lady checked with those 2 people and they lied to her that the plumber gave me the quote already on the first day and over the phone. Ha-ha, I said OK, I had the witness that I was with him on the first day for the whole time. And we could check the phoen record and see if he called me that day before the job.

I will talk to them when that plumber gets back to office later this week. I will not give in to that type of people. They got a wrong prople to rip off this time.

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      Oct 12, 2010

    He gave her a hooked up price being a Plumbing company thats fully insured! He probably didnt have that exact size "O" ring even when having a box of different sizes. he shouldnt of said anything like "ur the type we dont like to deal with!" I cant believe he only charged 220! Theres alot of water damage risk when dealing with Plumbing!

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