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My puppy (may as well be my CHILD) recently broke her leg [3/30/2012]. With this being my first broken bone experience on an animal OR human, I was in quite a state of despair. Upon arriving at Rehm Animal Clinic, I was quickly moved to a room, where a technician (I assume) came in, asked what happened and quickly gave my pup pain medication and ultimately a sedative, to take x-rays. A young lady (long dirty blond hair) then came in, also asked what happened. I told her, the pup jumped off my lap and screamed in pain and here we are. She NEVER introduced herself OR identified herself as a VETERINARIAN! I asked her what to expect. She said they could do x-rays, but that they were to busy to "take care of" my puppy...couldn't I see that all their rooms were full and they couldn't "deal" with my broken leg until Monday morning. I was in such shock from her attitude and the $350 estimate, JUST THROUGH the x-rays, that i told her just give me my pup and we will go elsewhere. She left the room, with the door SLAMMING. I was dumbfounded that these PROFESSIONALS were not more sympathetic, empathetic OR compassionate.

THEN, the fun REALLY began with the receptionist. She was speaking in a calm monotone voice, but with attitude in the way she was bobbing her head back and forth, insisting that I HAD seen a vet, that as soon as I walk in the door of the clinic, I have to pay the office visit fee. I had to sign a waver saying I was leaving against medical advice. She told me I should calm down and treat her with respect. That she had a right to be treated with respect (head bobbing).

I had been to Rehm once before this incident, and they were great, but WAY overpriced. I can assure you, I WILL NOT be back. yOU are supposed to be the calm in the storm - not antagonists, egging on our stress and anxiety. Shame on you Rehm. Consider sending your employees to some personnel training sessions, mandate that your veterinarians INTRODUCE themselves and teach them how to be compassionate towards the stressed/anxious/owners in DESPAIR over the fact that their BELOVED FAMILY MEMEBER is in the middle of a crisis.

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      15th of Jul, 2012

    I apologize for the negative response you received from our clinic. We strive to provide the best medical treatment to your pet during each and every visit. I will look into this matter and correct any issues that are not supported by our owners. If you would like to speak to a manager or owner, please call the clinic so we can resolve any issues.

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