Redbox DVD Rentals(Supervisor Randi)horrible supervisor

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i had rented 5 dvds and was on my way to return them someone had brutaly beat me up and i wasnt able to return my dvd i had broken both arms and legs and was in the hospital for a month and when i was release someone had attacked me and threw me donw a flight of stairs and then i went back into the hosspital and stayed for another in crit condition and finaly went to return my 5 dvds and when i talked to randi the supervisor there she told me too bad no refund that she didnt believe my story and not to call back then and hung up on me :(

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  • Ge
      Sep 09, 2010

    that is fricken ridiculous where do you live

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  • Co
      Sep 09, 2010

    That sounds like a load to me, I don't blame Randi for not believing you, and even in the event that you are telling the truth, you had to have known that you would be charged for the disks, and I know from expeirience that hospital visits get very boring, it's not like you didn't have time to make a quick phone call to redbox? Or have a family member return it? And either way, if that is what occured, I am sorry and that really blows for you, but you need to realise that it is not redboxes fault that you got beat up. And redbox is unable to refund after 90 days of the transaction because that is when the transaction is closed and made final. Not saying it was your fault, but you can't blame the supervisor for doing her job.

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  • It
      Sep 09, 2010

    randi is my hero!! i wouldnt have given you the refund eather take some self defense classes.

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  • Re
      Sep 10, 2010

    A bad movie... Wouldn't make it into a RedBox.

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  • Fr
      Dec 28, 2010

    If they all hate the job so much then they should just quit and find something else to do. No sense being that miserable. But I'm gonna make a guess that they will all have the same attitude no matter where they work.

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