Red Rooster Foods / delivery

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

To whom it may concern,

My name is Amy-lee Mcnamara. I have a complaint regarding the delivery wait times for your Coffs Harbour North Store, NSW, 2450.

I ordered the meal at 6:15 on the 21/09/2017, Order #: 1062286 i have email conformation of this and payment details. the time is now 8:59, One minute from their closing time and no food has arrived, my family are still waiting.

I believe 45 mins to be a reasonable wait time for food service delivery. An hour at rush times.
I have called the store phone number 14 times with no answer to get an idea on wait times or what is happening with the order. the only option i have is to listen to a message service with no ability to leave a message. The store has not tried to call me back as said in their message service.

A two hour and Forty minute wait time is unacceptable when i have ordered food on a week night when children have school and adults have work the next day. One of my children has autism and likes your nuggets very much he is currently in tears because he wanted his nuggets from red rooster this is very sad on the behalf of your store i am truly dis-satisfied of this wait time.
I have been a valuable customer always spending a big amount with my orders from red rooster. I have been now been forced to order another takeout service for dinner that i did not want. My diner is now from Domino's pizza Receipt Number: 3600317
Placed 21 September at 8:42 PM at another cost to myself at Subtotal: $36.00
Delivery Charge: $7.95
Order Total: $43.95 .
I do have email conformation of this. I am asking for compensation for the meal i have ordered from red rooster and the meal i had to order because of the mistake.

Thank you
Amy-lee Mcnamara
21/09/2017 9:01 PM

Sep 21, 2017

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