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Red Roof Inns / customer service, animalistic staff

1 6360 S 13th St, Oak Creek, WI, United States

I originally booked a stay at your hotel from january 11th 2019 to january 13th 2019. The purpose of my visit to milwaukee, wi I decided to stay another day I booked another night through, I called to the front desk letting the individual in charge know that I added another night to my stay. The individual replied "ok no problem, you just have to sign the new receipt" I replied "ok i'll be down shortly" this was at 10:28 am.  not even 10 minutes later the individual called me again this time with more vigor in her voice "you need to come sign the documents ma'am". I responded "could you give me just a few minutes i'm trying to get my child situated. She" responded ok thank you and hung up "at 10:43 she called again more aggressive than the last time" ma'am you need to come right now "this time she hung up with out letting me get a word in. So I hurried to the front desk to only make it to the front desk lobby and the door was locked. I knocked a few times no one answered. By this time i'm highly confused, and unsure of what's going on. So I waited a few moments no one came to the door tried to knock again and this time someone was in there. I went in and said"ok well i'm here to sign to the documents and may I ask what was the rush? "she replied" I didn't feel like waiting all day for you ". It was the emphasis she put on the"you"that made my heart sink. I signed the necessary documents ;she asked if I still had my original room key I responded"no  , she then let out an irritated sigh and proceeded to make me a new key. When she handed me the newly activated room key I quickly took it out of her hand and hurried out the door. Before I can make it all the way into my car she's at the door yelling "you know what I dont like your attitude, you are not welcomed here ever again!!! Im calling police to have you moved off the premises immediately!!" at this point i'm highly confused so I went back inside and asked "what did I do to you"?  she never answered me back. The police arrive the first one takes a good look at me and looks at her and says "what's the problem? Was she smoking? The desk attendant responded" no but I want her gone she's hostile and she was cursing me out of my name "I told the officer" sir, she's lying I never called her out of name and never gave her the sense that I was being hostile. The officer asked the desk attendant "well did she sign the receipt?" the desk attendant replied "yes but I want her gone". Im 4'11 african american and not even 100 pounds soaking wet. She told the officer I had 5 minutes to get off the property the officer shook his head and said "no, she has an hour". I immediately left the front desk lobby to go gather our belongings. I was so scared I ended up leaving some things behind cause I was afraid of what would happened to me next. I went back in to the front desk lobby I politely asked her "ma'am what is your name" she replied "i'm not telling you anything get it from my manager". After that I left. I don't care about the material things I left behind those can be replaced. But my life cannot be life. My child's mother (me) cannot  be replaced. I'm beyond traumatized. I'm fearful to ever return to milwaukee after this unfortunate situation. I've never encountered such hateful, aggressive, belligerent behavior in my life.

Jan 14, 2019

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