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I sent 145 7 days ago via wu to a tetiana yakovchenko in the ukraine. The next day funds were picked up. Now, on the same day I sent funds, I sent a message saying funds were sent and ready to pick up. This piece of s#@t dirtydan writes back telling me "I messed up" and that I need to sent funds, again, via btc, and gave me instructions on how to create a account and send funds, again, for one id. I wrote back and asked him how I messed up, that I followed his instructions to the letter when sending funds via wu. But I went ahead and set up a circle account as it takes a few days for to clear funds to send. I then went to the wu where I sent funds from to get a refund, but they said funds were picked up by this tetiana in the ukraine. Just to confirm, I called wu and they said the same thing that funds were picked up.
I sent dirtydan another message telling him funds were already picked up and to please start on my id. This is when this douchebag started getting really stupid and told me I needed to prove to him funds were picked up??? And he was a real about telling me this, referring to me as stupid, using big caps. This is when I realized he is nothing but a thieving scammer. I wrote back and pretty much told him that he and tetiana can go [censored] themselves, that 145 is pocket change to me, no big loss. His real name is andrew johnson. I will have his physical address in a day or so and post it everywhere on the net. He has gotten away with this # for too long. Its time to shut his down for good.
By the way, he completely deleted my order, which I knew he would do because in his last message he told me if I messaged him again without proof of payment, he would delete my order.

Mar 27, 2016
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  • Ja
      Mar 27, 2016

    By the way, I was never rude to him until my very last message. There was no reason for him to be and talk to me like I was putting him out or something. Only reason I even used his website is because there were several reviews on youtube that seemed legit. I read all the other reviews before sending funds, all the negative ones, but I am not hurting for money and took a chance with him because the reviews on youtube, like I said, looked legit. The thing that really got me was his disrespectful customer service. DirtyDan is a real douchebag that needs to be put in his place once and for all.

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