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[Resolved] Real Raw Food / Arrogant & Rude Owners

1 15-A-2, Naramata, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 250-496-5215

I ordered from this company once before & I was ready to order again. I tried to go to their site to see my previous order & I realized their site is poorly run, so there's no way to see previous orders.

I called up & wanted to speak to the same nice guy I spoke to last time, so I immediately asked the name of the person b/c I couldn't remember it.

Instead of just telling me, the woman ignored my question & just tried to dominate the conversation by telling me to speak to her. I don't allow people to control me, so I asked again for his name. Why is this such a big deal (no clue).

Anyway, she gave me 2 names & said I could deal with her, so I decided to just deal with her & I told her why I was calling. I probably did say it was no good that I couldn't see my previous order on their site, but so what, that's my opinion as both a professional business owner myself as well as a customer. I'm a firm believer if you don't know how to run a website properly, you shouldn't even bother putting one up. It looks poorly on the company & for experienced consumers online, it frustrates them.

This wasn't that big of a deal for me as I realized the last time that this company wasn't all that professional, but it still irked me that I was wasting my time.

Then this woman said something that upset me.

She had the nerve to rush me & tell me they are closing up as they were finished their last order. I'm sitting here shocked. Their website clearly states they close at 4 pm PST & it wasn't anywhere near 4 pm. I told her this & she says they don't have real hours like other companies. I went to the page thinking I'm losing my mind & read it off to her. She doesn't say anything, no apology, nothing.

Her unprofessional response was "we are a family run business & we can close whenever we want."

My gawd, LOL, I couldn't believe the nerve of this person & they except people to actually bow down to them & continue purchasing from them?

Then she asks me if I'm having a bad day (yes, it's all the customer's fault) b/c I sound like I'm in a bad mood. I said no I'm not in a bad mood, I just don't like companies that don't care about their customers or treat them in this manner.

I put aside my dislike of this woman as I just wanted to order. The conversation continued with her saying they were closed tomorrow, so obviously now I felt rushed & uncared for b/c I'd have to wait until Friday to order what I wanted & I thought I had plenty of time to order today. If she really cared about her customers she would have said she'd wait until I had my list ready before they closed up.

This is EXACTLY why I wanted to speak to that other guy, b/c I now remember the first time I stated investigating this company I dealt with a rude woman back then too. It was probably this same one. The guy had been sweet & nice.

She said she would send me the previous invoice after I e-mailed her. I had tried searching for their last e-mail, but couldn't find it.

All would have been fine, I would have ignored this woman's arrogant/"I only care about myself not you" attitude & rushed to compile my order in hopes they wouldn't close, but then I get this in the e-mail...

"Here is your previous order.

Next time you contact us by phone please know that we don't deserve your hostility. We will not deal with customers that do not treat us with respect.


That was the last straw for me, if I wasn't angry before (I was only teed off & getting to the point of angry), now I was furious. And she uses the word "hostile"? LOL, let's get melodramatic here shall we.

I wrote back giving her a piece of my mind & am writing this so others can hear what I went through as well as what this company feels about customers. Real Raw Food, it does NOT matter who runs the company (family or otherwise) a company is a company is a company. If you don't care about anyone but yourself, YOU SHOULDN'T BE IN BUSINESS!

I will find another organic raw food company that knows how to run a business, cares about their customers, doesn't blame the customer for their disrespect & lack of service, AND actually keeps the hours they have clearly stated on their site.


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  • Ki
      8th of Dec, 2010
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    That's really too bad for you that this happened ...I have been ordering from Real Raw Foods for 7 or 8 years and have always found them very easy to talk to. Having been part of a family owned business, I can imagine how pushed they are for time some days and, not to discount your feeling of being badly handled, maybe you just got the end of the day buzz happening between the two of you. And, really...what does it matter what you ordered last time - I just look down their products list and decide what appeals to me...I find their website easy to follow-straight forward, as they, good luck finding another raw organic food place - I hope you feel better about them. I am more than happy to stick with the great food this farm produces, obtains and passes on to us at reasonable their shipping rocks!

  • Ep
      8th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Yes it was the end of the day, but that doesn't matter, she was rude on the phone & then even worse in the e-mail, so she had plenty of time to take a deep breath & relax before she sent out that nasty e-mail.

    What does family business have to do with anything. A biz is a biz is a biz. The only differences that I expect from a large corporation & a small biz is I expect higher end support tools, but when it comes to the people running the biz, having policies & procedures in place is mandatory no matter what size the company. Even if you are a one person operation.

    I have run businesses for years & they are all small.

    Of course it matters what I ordered last time. Why wouldn't it matter if I haven't memorized everything I ordered.

    Their site is old & not user friendly at all. They clearly got someone who is NOT a professional web designer/coder to create it.

    It's only because I know how to use my keyboard & browsers that I'm able to search quickly.

    But that isn't what bothered me although I do have issues with businesses who advertise online & have no idea how to run a website.

    You sound like you are a salesman advertising for them, or you are one of their friends or maybe one of the family, not a REAL customer.

    I already placed a $130 order with another place where they had EXCELLENT service & customer service. It's very clear that company cares about their customers and they are a family run business as well.


  • Ki
      8th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Because I am impressed with the service that I receive from this company, I cannot be a REAL customer...???!!! I am neither a salesperson - or even a friend or family - I am, in all honesty, only a customer - and one that lives across the province - and I have never met any of these people...but I definitely feel that I have had great service from them and am sorry that you feel you did not. I do not find their site difficult to navigate, and wonder at all the assumptions you have made - maybe you are a web designer that they fired...there! Doesn't that sound as ridiculous as what you have written...? I order fairly regularly and I know which products I like and need, so my concerns do not involve what was previously fact, based on all the observations you have made about the shortcomings of their website, I am a little surprised that you cannot remember what you ordered previously. However, I am happy for you to have found another website and company that has provided the service that appeals to you - and am relieved for the folks at Real Raw Foods.

  • Ep
      8th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    LOL, you are funny. If I was a web designer, I'd be ashamed to design something like that. No one would hire me if I did.

    Not all customers who have been treated poorly by a company & then review that company are disgruntled employees. I already told you I'm an entrepreneur, but I guess you missed that.

    And what does their short comings on their site have to do with me not remembering exactly what I ordered the very first time I ordered from them?

    Clearly you've been ordering from them for years & I'm happy they haven't treated you the way I was treated. I wouldn't wish that upon anyone who spent their hard earned money with them.

    I'm also happy that your memory is impeccable the very first time you order several things from a brand new company. My memory isn't as perfect as yours is several months after I ordered from them & I don't memorize websites. Never heard of anyone who does.

    Kuddos to you for having a perfect memory. I used to have that when I was in my 20's.

    As for me thinking you are one of them, that's not ridiculous at all. There are tons of people online that pretend to be customers & they actually work for the company or are part of the company. They just lie in the reviews or go around diffusing negative ones.

    If you aren't one of them, I apologize.

    All the best


  • Fr
      7th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I don't understand why this complaint has been blown out of proportion into such a personal issue. It's to bad that she was grumpy, but arguing against this company so strongly is not winning you any sympathy. Accusing your customer as being hostile is probably one the most foolish things you could do as a business owner, but making such outrageous claims and accusing others as being undercover advertising agents... I'm not feeling so convinced about the integrity of this complaint.

  • Bu
      7th of Dec, 2011
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    LOL, accusing people of undercover advertising agents? Do you understand & speak English?

    If you weren't talking about me, then fine, but who else could you be talking about since I'm the one that posted the complaint.

    You seem very confused.

    There was nothing personal about my complaint other than yes, when someone treats me like garbage I get upset. She wasn't grumpy, she was an outright blank.

    If you don't care about my complaint, go order from them, I don't care, but for people who care about customer service & genuinely nice people, they will take my complaint seriously.

    Everyone makes their own choices in life.

    I don't lie & nothing was outrageous. What I wrote is what happened from my point of view & I wrote it right after it happened, so there was no memory loss.

    I'm not an "undercover" anything LOL, I have to laugh at this.


  • Sn
      26th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    I too have found this company to be rude and arrogant and I know of another family that does and quit ordering from them long ago. Both Margaret and Dave have been quite rude to me on the phone. I was trying to find out if I could pick up an order one time and the response was very vague so I thought they didn't allow pick-ups, but after taking a little abuse I found they do - but are not open after certain hours (it does seem to change as needed) but they didn't need to be so ugly to me for asking the question. When I arrived there was no signage for where to go, park etc although I had been told by Dave that it was clearly marked, just park and go in. There was a big gate so I parked outside and hauled my stuff all the way up the driveway later. I hadn't been advised if I could open the gate so decided better not to. Another former customer told me he had tried to pick up and was rudely treated as well, he was trying to find a time to pick up around his hectic work schedule. They finally said they'd leave it at the gate but he'd better pick it up by 3 PM.
    The other time was when I asked about a product, just a question - I wasn't complaining or anything like that. I had been a customer for quite awhile and was quite put off by the gruffness and total lack of an answer. My friends ordered one time and asked that it be sent to a different address than their billing address - when it arrived at the wrong address there was NO apology or anything - just blame of the customer for not double checking the invoice, (which they couldn't since it was sent elsewhere!) that was a phone order to the owner again.
    Another time I emailed a question - (afraid of getting more abuse from one of the hostile owners). No response, emailed again in a couple weeks... Margaret finally responded with a NON answer - we are not able to provide that info (part of the info was on their website, I was only asking for the source!). And once again, I was very polite and honestly appreciative of their products etc, no complaining or anything negative. I had commented that I liked the info in fact.
    I felt they must be stressed out trying to run this family business...but felt they I didn't deserve to be treated so rudely. My orders had been very large as well!
    Now the young man that was in the warehouse was very helpful and sweet - I don't have his name which is too bad. When I asked Dave for pick-up directions and if I was allowed to - I gave him my order and asked when it would be ready next day. When I got there the order wasn't ready, the young man had a hard time finding the order but didn't complain. One of the products wasn't even available and one wasn't on the order that I knew I had ordered the day before. The young man did his best to fill my order and give me good service, apologizing for the delay (I thought I'd continue to order through him!) - but I went away with a bad taste in my mouth for the owners.
    It seems that if you don't ask questions, don't ask if you can pick up, don't call, or don't do anything that might affect the owners time at all, just order silently online and use the type of payment method THEY prefer, things will mostly go well.
    What was the name of the other organic, raw food place you ordered from??

  • Pe
      10th of Jun, 2013
    +2 Votes

    This review made me very nervous to order from Real Raw Foods. However, I have now made two orders and emailed them numerous times, and I have gotten great customer service every time. My orders always arrive quickly and I appreciate the quality and variety of organic, real food that they offer. They also have very competitive prices. I'm sure that I will continue to order in the future!

  • Ve
      10th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    They are quite unhelpful and do make mistakes, quite unprofessional but the products are very good quality... I have had similar incidents which are responded to with very poor customer services and no clue with how to deal with customers...very unprofessional

  • Bj
      17th of Jul, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I've ordered from this company before and found them to have great products but the service is a bit lacking. That said, a lack of willingness to provide top customer service is standard practice in the Okanagan.

  • Da
      21st of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    It sounds to me like the unhappy customer is simply unhappy in his own life and is taking it out on others. People have off days but this company has always been reliable, kind and professional and I feel the complainer was arrogant and went overboard. I will continue to shop at Real Raw Foods.

  • Dr
      20th of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    We have ordered three times from this company in the past & twice times recieved HORRIBLE service ! Perhaps they should go out into the world and learn some customer service skills. Last time they screwed up so bad by charging our VISA card and then not sending anything for 2 weeks till VISA called them to see about fraud... They then sent us extra packages of things for free to make up for their huge incompetence... Their service/phone mannerisms/unprofessionalism is appaling & at times shocking. We would rate this company as subhuman or completely unprofessional. It's a shame that there does not appear to be much competition in this area in as we would gladly switch companies instantly ! We now order all the same products in the USA & have them shipped to a mail box at the border where we pick them up. Good luck !

  • Pl
      9th of Feb, 2015
    +2 Votes DOES NOT have an SSL Certificate. If you don't understand the internet world and encryption, this means their website is not encrypted ... this means third parties (people other then yourself and their website) can easily hack into and access your information. Any Credit Card info, Personal info, etc. sent through is subject to being compromised easily. My own web browser will not even let me access their website. This is highly unusual, expecially for a website taking online orders and personal information, as even some of the most basic websites I have been on have an SSL Certificate or at least some basic level of encryption.

  • Da
      27th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    I've been ordering from them for years and while i've never actually called to talk to them directly every order I've every received has been shipped next business day and shipped with exactly what I ordered and the products are always excellent. NEVER a problem.
    I live in Vancouver and the picking is fast and shipping is always well under a week from order to delivery

  • Bo
      1st of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    Real Raw Food
    Real Raw Food Contacts & Information
    Posted: Nov 1, 2016 by bobbing
    Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes
    Contact information:
    This is a message from brian jeffrey patterson of regarding Michelle Korn. I went to here complaint log and found she is quite a complainer.

    Michelle Korn interviewed me and when she told me she wanted me to make her a PROSTITUTION WEBSITE, I told her I was not interested.

    She repeatedly harrassed me for my contact info until I had to tell her to get lost.

    She then posted on THIS WEBSITE a bunch of lies about me about how I am so arrogant etc...

    Our conversation was less than 5 emails each ... we had nothing going on, yet you write a 2 page essay on what a jerk I am ?

    I am going to sue Michelle Korn because she thinks she can do whatever she wants. She thinks she can go around defaming peoples character on the internet. People whose livelyhood depends on internet business.

    If you don't believe me go look at her profile on THIS WEBSITE she has tons of complaints about everyone.

    Don't take this woman seriously, as she will probably be in prison soon.

  • Ep
      20th of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    First of all, this liar above is just that, a liar. I never forced this guy to do anything, I don't force people to do anything, you can ask anyone who actually knows me, I'm not that type of person.

    I'm still waiting to be sued by all these people who claim I'm a danger to society. Where's their proof? Who are these people? They all use fake names to try & bring me down because they don't like me outing them when I try to hire them for work & they are either nasty people, or they do a terrible job, or disappear.

    Customer service is my middle name, so I take it VERY seriously when someone either treats me in a deplorable manner, lies about their skills, rips me off money wise without doing the job properly (or at all), or disappears after I spend countless hours or days with them.

    I then feel it's my duty to tell other business owners my experience.

    If you ever want to get to know me as a person, just reach out to me. I don't bite : ) That's the only way you are going to get to know the real me, not these vicious lies spread by these sociopaths who are chronic liars. I mean just look how they continue to do this years after my review. That speaks volumes about them as a person. Who hounds a person year after year because of one negative review?

    This bobbing person is a fake user. If you look, you will see they ONLY joined this month for the SOLE purpose of spreading lies about me. They are a Canadian & I've almost ONLY ever had problems with Canadians. Not saying I haven't had issues with Americans, but considering I rarely ever hire a Canadian anymore, the amount of Canadian freelancers or even business people who have come after me to spread lies about me just because I told the truth about what happened is VERY VERY high.

    I don't trust Canadians anymore because of this. They appear nice on the outside (that's what tourists usually say), but deep down they are cold & vicious. When I say vicious, I mean instead of just trying to rebut my negative review, they will go after me in the most vicious manner & continue to defame me. This kind of behavior speaks volumes. Usually Americans just rebut even if it is lies, & that's it, it never goes any further than that.

  • Ep
      20th of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    Tom from Real Raw Food called me yesterday & sounded somewhat distraught.

    Enough time has passed that I felt I should take down the thread. In fact, I hadn't even read all these other posts by customers who experienced the same thing.

    BUT complaints board NO longer allows us to remove threads which I'm not happy about. This once ethical site (better than ROR) is now just like ROR.

    They said I should mark this as resolved, yet I don't see a way to do that.

    Tom said to speak to him in the future if I ever want to order from him again, so I will. I suggest anyone with the same issues I experienced call to speak to him since clearly his kids have some emotional issues that weren't just one-time stressors around that time. These other posts are from 3 years later.

    It's unfortunate that most Canadians are sooo poor in the customer service area. I had HUGE problems with managers & owners of companies in Kingsville & Leamington when I lived there. They would often attack me even when I didn't have a real complaint, it was just when I made a simple comment about something like I was disappointed that Blockbuster doesn't do delivers to the home like they do in the US.

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