Real Canadian Superstore / zero customer service

#3 Road, Richmond, Canada Review updated:

Only two cashiers on at 9:50AM Friday.
Big lineups of people with full carts.
I had 9 high ticket items.
I'm NOT using the self checkout - of which they have 2 -3 employees "helping people?".
Why not open an express lane?
Left my cart (I always use slugs) with $ items in it & walked out.
Done it before, will do it again!
So now, rather than having another cashier on, they have to have an employee put away/throw away all the stuff in my cart, makes sense? Duh!

Feb 15, 2019
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  • Li
      24th of Mar, 2019

    Yep. I walked out, too, and went around the corner to Save On. Not gonna wait, and certainly not gonna work unpaid...

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  • Ph
      20th of Apr, 2019

    My wife shops at Supertore, Costco and the odd time Safeway, as well as smaller shops. She buys only when thr produce is right and that means in Winnipeg Superstore and Costco. The service and quality are great here in Winnipeg. Superstore's selection of produce grown without chemicals is remarkable and priced very low. In the summer she buys all her produce from a vegetable farmers market. She tries to shop at not busy times, store opening, mid week.

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