RBC Visa Cardcard activation process

T Nov 25, 2017

I received my new card on Nov 24. I called from my work phone at MTN time and was put on hold. I hung up and called back from my personal phone and got a message saying my card was active to hold for next agent. The agent took my name and birth date. I asked him how my could by active when I hadn't given my information until just now. He couln't answer my question as he does not see a time stamp of when a card is activated. He put me through to customer service. This man told me I must have went online or entered the information by an automated system. He also said the only way a card activation can be completed is by giving the CBC code. I told him none of these things happen and I have concerns over the process.
He continue to assure me that my card was secure. So I asked him, if I didn't give the CBC code at the activation line how can he assure me my card is secure. He suggested I call and speak to security.
Security informed me that when someone calls in on the registered phone number the card is activated.
Somewhere along the line your staff are miss informing they customers on the process of card activation. If I were told that calling in on my phone number starts the process this would have been fine.
The customer service man who I spoke to accused me of unknowingly activating my card by entering in my personal and cvv information.. He was insulting and did not try to provide me with any level of assurance.
Your staff need retraining on how to communicate the card activation process with their clients.
I would like a formal apology from the card activation department.

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