Rapid Fulfillment / ordered paravex not revitol

Pacoima, CA, United States

I was on the phone with Victor for about 30 minis to no resolution to my complaints. DONT NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY ITS A SCAM AND THEY ARE FRAUDS. I have made numerous attempts to stop unauthorized charges to my account, asked to speak with supervisor was told I need to hang up call back and make appointment for that to happen, where they do that at. How does such company haves no one higher MGMT to delegate calls let alone you cant transfer call either. AGAIN FRAUD AND SCAM BUT BEWARE BECAUSE THERE IS A GOD AND IM DEFINTELY RELYING ON MY HIGHER TO DEAL WITH ALL PEOPLE WHO STEAL, LIE AND CHEAT VICTOR U TOO WILL REEP WHAT YOU SOW

Sep 15, 2017

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