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Rakbank / The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah / credit card - 1 missed payment only with rude agents

1 United States

I am a RAKBANK customer since 2012 and up until January 2019. I missed one payment due to financial problems that I and family were facing. For those years, I am trying to pay all my bills on time and to make it into current. The current amount that I need to pay was Dh1140.xx. I am aware of my obligations with the bank, I humbly requested the collection agent to postpone it up to salary date to see if I can work on my finances by that time and they agreed. Comes January 29, unfortunately, I need to prioritize my family and still I was not able to pay my bill, I tried to do deferment on my loan but still I need to wait for it to be granted. I started receiving unlimited calls all through out the day, and as soon as I answer it, they will start shouting, and approach you in a very arrogant and irate manner. I know my debt with the bank and I don;t have any plans not to deal with it, but as I explain my side, the agent answers with a high tone of voice, "I dont want to listen, and I don't want to hear your story".

I am in debt and behind for only a month or it might be for two months, but I don't think I deserved to be harass by a collection agent just because I cannot pay on that span of time. I am raising my concern so that the bank might resolve the attitude of their staff towards their customers, in which the customers are the reason why they earn.

To RAKBANK, I am with you for the past 7 years with no delays on my payments, but after the treatment that I have receive from you, I don't think I will stay more longer after I settle my debts with you. You have a good benefits with your card but your damn people are crap and will definitely ruin your bank.

Feb 2, 2019

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