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To whom it may concern,

I have complained around 2 weeks ago about Abu dhabi collection department. Complaint number SR3517478. I also have another complaint number however cannot recall it.
I had a settlement with RAK since around 1 year (1050 AED Monthly payment), but for personal reasons, I needed to do another settlement. So I went in FEB to collection department Abu Dhabi where they made me sign BLANK papers and told me that my monthly installment will be 800 DHS and that my first payment will be after 60 days (MAY)
To start with, after sign-in all the docs, the bank opened a police case against me. How can you open a case after i was in your offices agreeing on a settlement plan.
It took more than 1 week to get a clearance letter from the court.
In April, i received a bank statement showing that I was 2 months late in my payments, but worst of all my monthly installement became over 1500 AED.
How can this happened when the collections guys told me my payment will be 800 dhs and the first one will be in MAY.
Furthermore, the settlement plan was decided without my approval.
No one from the bank called me or texted me or even emailed me the plan for my approval.
I have done 2 settlement with 2 other banks, who emailed me all details of the settlement for approval.
I went to the collection explaining to them that they made a mistake and did not honor their promise, but they claimed they couldn't do anything.
do you really think i am crazy enough to have a monthly payment of 1050 aed and agree on over 1050??
Now dubai collection started calling me and harassment started for non payments. And believe me they are totally crazy when it comes to harassing customers for payment.
Last year i even went sick because of them (depression).
They call from mobiles and claim they are the police and that a police case was open and that i need to call the bank urgently or they will come to my work place and arrest me.
They call 20 times in 1h.
They send whatsapp, sms, emails.
They scare my friends claiming I am wanted at the police.
I don't want to go through all this one more time.
I want the bank to honor the promise made and solve my issue or else i will seek for a legal way by filing a police case against the bank who made me sign blank papers (you can see on the forms that it is not my hand writing) and that they went for a plan without my approval. And to approach central bank.
I received a call from a lady Called Meriem Saif however i am unable to get in touch with her and inform her that no one from collection did anything to solve my issue.
What was done by Abu Dhabi collection was ILLEGAL.
You can contact me on [protected]
I am not answering any call on the number you have on the system as RAK collection started calling again and i dont want to deal with their harassment all over again,

Looking forward to hear from you at your earliest as i cannot wait any further.


Amal Rouab

Apr 30, 2017

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