Rak Bankcredit card closure request.

I have been a RAK Bank customer since 2009, and contrary to some comments i read on the internet i was very satisfied with their service. In fact i referred four other friends to get RAK credit cards for themselves. It was only when i placed a request for cancellation of my credit card, the nightmare started. I was made to run from pillar to post, branch to call center and again back to the branch for a simple service request confirmation and have still not received it. "We don't give it, do what you want" was the response to my pleading. Understand that as per law, it takes 45 days to receive a no liability letter from the bank, but this was not what i requested. I closed the card through debt consolidation and i have a requirement to submit proof to my bank that my request for credit card cancellation has been accepted (this is not a no liability letter, but just a confirmation that my request for cancellation has been accepted by the bank). i had two other cards from Citibank and Najm where i actually was concerned regarding my cancellation request. To my surprise however, both Citi and Najm were extremely cooperative and i received my cancellation confirmation from them without so much as a "please". I was confident about RAK bank doing the same but these guys did not even want to listen to my problem. At the branch i met at least five other people with similar issues who were turned away like this. Very unfortunate. I wrote several emails to customer support, after which i got a call from a lady Adithya, who told me the same thing. "We can confirm verbally that your request for cancellation has been actioned, but we will not give anything in writing". How does that make sense? As a customer, do i not have the right to have it on record that my cancellation request has been accepted? There is simply no logic in this explanation because for everything else, you get a text message or an email. you spend on the card, you get a text, your payment is coming up, you get a text, you reduce your limit, you get a text and email, you increase your limit, you get a text and email. you overspend, you get a text and email, there is a promotion, you get unlimited texts and emails, you change your password, you get a text and email, you make a payment, you get a text and email, you transfer money, you get a text and email. They do not find it inconvenient to flood your inbox with promotion emails and keep making unsolicited sales calls to sell something or the other. But, you place a request for cancellation, you have committed the biggest sin on Earth. No email no text, nothing. you go to the branch, explain the situation and practically beg, they don't want to listen to you. On the other hand, the lady manager at their Ghusais branch was arrogant enough to ask me to approach the Central Bank. Wow! In which way is it illegal or a loss to the bank financially or in any other way if they simply notify the customer that their request for card cancellation has been accepted and that after 45 days they can approach the branch for their no liability letter?? all other banks do it, so don't see in which way this could hurt RAK Bank. I was reading the message from their CEO Mr. Peter England, a part of which quoted "We support our customers during key moments in their personal and professional journeys, at every stage of their lives. With a deep commitment to ensuring customer convenience" Well, unfortunately that did not work in my case. I kept running around and speaking to anyone who could help but they just treat you like dirt once your relationship with them is over. Not being someone who would raise his voice or create a scene in public, i had no choice but to return disappointed. Hurts more as i used to go around telling people to bank with RAK Bank because "they don't harass their customers" Well, i change my mind today. i might be a drop in the ocean when compared with the total business they do and it might not make a difference to the bank itself, but i am never doing business with RAK Bank anymore and neither will i ever refer or encourage anyone to bank with them. They used to be good. Don't know what happened. I may still not get what i need from them, as it seems they don't care but i am never going back to that bank again. I hope they themselves, individually never face a situation like this and get a taste of what helplessness means.
My Suggestion: Conduct a survey of your customers and find out how many faced this exact problem: you will be surprised.
We all have jobs and i understand what is meant by policy constraints. What i do not understand is how a simple service acceptance notification would in any way harm a massive organization like RAK Bank. If you are reading this, please note that this is not something that will wreck your company. On the other hand, it will help harassed consumers and generate a lot of goodwill in the market for your organization.
My Name : Amrit Raymond
My number : [protected]

Jun 06, 2018

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