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They called me and acted as if they were doing the home modification for me with my lender and never once did they contact my mortgage company with any of the information and paperwork that they had including every information and many times when another of their employee would call acting as one of their paralegal my phone id would say travel services, instead of Puzon law and I pointed this out to them and their reason for this was it was probably the previous company with their number. Red flag when after telling them this the next time it would show up as Puzon law and within a week back to saying travel services. Once again I could hear the background as a call service center. They constantly told me not to call my mortgage each time I told them that if I was in modification status why was my mortgage company calling and each time I called my mortgage company leaving messages to contact them since this is what they told me to do as well as telling me that my mortgage company was a representative reading off a script and didn't know that my account was being process as a modification. I was told I would be saving 400.00 dollars in the end as a lower monthly payment. One too many times an employee of their office also told me not to contact or speak to my lender because I could be jeopardizing my modification loan process. Well after two months and seeing that my mortgage was contacting me and sending me documents to save my home which at the beginning I was only two months behind and dealing with them I ended up being four months going on five month behind. When I told them I had received documents of modification solely for my lender they wanted me to fax them these documents and not to sign anything. Now I knew I was being scam because why would my own lender try to scam me as they put it. Come to find out they never sent anything to my mortgage company. Outcome was my loan was being process solely through my lender and myself with no help from them. My mortgage company never had anything through Puzon law at ALL! These people were handing my account to the next and the next and in the end when I called them to find out what was going on after they received my documents that I provided from my lender they said to agree to it and they would go ahead and send it in. I didn't even sign the documents after further investigation and speaking to a loan specialist of my mortgage company she had explained everything to me and made it clear that Puzon Law had nothing to do with my loan nor was anything ever received by them and if I wanted to re modified I could and I just needed to provide the following and I was entitled to re modified which was the contrary to what I was told by the last person name David who was nasty and rude when I had made it a point to let him know that nothing they said was even close. He was so rude that he even said then why did you call us. First of all I never called them I got online for information about home modification and they called the number I provided. I should have known better after seeing so many red flags. Beware because they will make it look as if they did all the negotiation and that you are paying through them when it is not true at all. They quote what your payments will be as if they already have spoken to the mortgage company and it is a total lie and a SCAM!!! Also if you have been a victim make sure you do and identity protection since they will have all your information. The initial person I spoke to goes by the name of Paul Abott and the other person who processes all the documents required and will email goes by the name Suzanne Burrows. Her number will come up as Travel Services she the same person that warned me about being scam and not to sign anything. This is when I realize I was dealing with a scammer because she was referring to the documentations I received by my mortgage company. According to the Police due to me filing a police report they probably are using fakes names.

Jun 2, 2015

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      7th of Apr, 2016

    Calling folks from online resources and scamming, but thank god my husband was a cop! And there plan back fired first of all you don't need upfront money to modify your home, next always call your mortgage company, then let a real legal person investagatešŸ˜‰

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